How do I get more groups booking my tour?

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Arrochar, United Kingdom

How do I get more groups booking my tour?

I have not been able to attract more than 4 persons to come on a walking tour. How do I go about using SEO or content to attract more people from a  business or team building or corporate base? I have not used the private group facility. How would I use that with public booking as well?

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Who have you identified as your target market for your tours @Gerena0  use this information to invest in marketing and advertising to reach your target market.


I would imagine advertising through Trip Adviser, your local tourist board etc might be useful channels.

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England, United Kingdom

@Gerena0 I would approach local companies suggesting it would be a good team building event. With the looming recession I am not sure how much success you will get though.

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