How to financially split my Airbnb business with my partner.

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How to financially split my Airbnb business with my partner.

Two years ago I entered into a relationship and my partner decided to invest in my home, buying out my ex husband with whom I shared this property for 22 years. He is now a 60% shareholder.

I started my Airbnb business about 10 years ago, successfully renting out two rooms in my home and very quickly became a super host because of wonderful reviews, prompt responses and hard work. 
Now comes the tricky bit of how we ‘split’ the business fairly as he wants a ‘return for his investment’.

It was decided to only rent out one bedroom as he needed space for a study and as he had moved over to South Africa from Wales, there was extra furniture that needed to be accommodated.

All the furnishings in the room are mine. Guests have use of the loo/shower although my partner uses that as well. I have an en suite bathroom.

The guests share the kitchen with us and occasionally sit in the living room.

I still do % of the cleaning and taking care of guests.


This is my only income apart from a womens clothing line I’m trying to build up which I’ve just started. This will take me at least two years until I start making a profit.

My partner has investments which he derives some sort of income from but Ove no idea how much.

This is now causing dissent between us as we can’t really seem to agree on anything. I just want to do what’s fair.

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Hi @Juanita5  👋


It's been a while since you posted and I'm wondering whether you managed to get a resolution to your question? 


It'd be great to hear from you, so we can understand what the resolution was but also to support other Hosts who may have similar questions in the future. 😊



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