How to negotiate with landlord

How to negotiate with landlord

I have a landlord who is only allowing me to place the apartment for 90 nights per year. Have you guys had a similar issue? What did you do?

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Gangapur Chhoi, India

You can calculate cost for 90 nights and if works for you you can go ahead



You can ask him to increase num of nights in order to get a decent return 

Ok thank yiu

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Swannanoa, NC

@Clemence45   I cannot tell from your profile where you live, but it is very possible that it is not the landlord that is restricting the number of nights that you can sublet on AirBnB, but the municipality that you live in.


In either case, if the landlord has said 90 nights, then it would be best to do as they ask.  Once you have established yourself as a good host, the landlord may allow more nights (if permitted by law).

Thank you. I live in Dallas, TX. I will  explore other apartment first and check the city restrictment

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Toronto, Canada

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