I can’t open the app on my iPhone SE

I can’t open the app on my iPhone SE

How frustrating!  When you upgrade the software, please don’t forget the people who are trying to not waste and constantly upgrade to the next iPhone.  When you write the software please test it on older versions of iPhones!  Any work around besides spending more money on an iPhone and contributing to the waste society?


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Hi @Kirsten-and-Steve0 

Hmmmm...what happens when you try to open the App on your iPhone SE?  One thing you might try is deleting the App on your phone and then re-installing the App?

Thanks for the reply.  It says I need to have an iOS of 16.0 or later, but mine is an earlier iPhone, so basically it won’t work.



What software version on you running on Your iPhone SE? 




Software Update


If your SE is 1st generation, then yes...you'll have to upgrade to a new phone if you want to use the Airbnb App. It doesn't have to be the latest and greatest iphone. 😊


I agree with kiesten and steve. I’m in the same situation, and there is no way that i change my phone just for being able to use one app. It’s very stupid from airbnb to do this things. Airbnb communicates on his sustainable behaviour, that’s a joke. So no way to spend at least 100eur or dollars to use your app. Hopefully there are still the possibility to get the notifications by mail. 
very disappointed.