Issue with HOA - Fractional leasing?

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Issue with HOA - Fractional leasing?



Owned my condo for 8 years, renting the spare bedroom out through AirBNB for the past 5 years. Our new board of directors found that in our bylaws, short-term rentals are not allowed. The board president runs a few AirBNB units, but they are the entire condo. 


The board is stating that they will allow the whole units to continue to AirBNB, but that I cannot as mine is only fractional. Anyone encounter this? 


The reasons they state are that it degrades from the integrity of the community...

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Probably one you need legal advice one. Would they let you do long term rentals @Peter1765 

Meeting with a lawyer tomorrow! 


No on the long-term leases as well they are stating.

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As it sounds now,  they are the ones who cannot continue. You can because you are sharing your own space with your guests. Unless there is more language in by laws clarifying how the units should be used, which is also common.

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@Peter1765  Renting whole units degrades from the integrity of the community too. The board president is full of crap. Either everyone stops, or no one stops. Most condos do not allow STR per the bylaws, but the nerve of this person is unbelievable. If they are shutting you down, shut him down. Jeez.