Marathon, FL RENTALS

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Marathon, FL RENTALS

Has anyone started a signature petition to allow less than 7 nights in marathon short term rentals? All business has practically stopped.  Million dollar homes with tall mortgages cannot survive on 7 nights. Vacationers generally cannot afford 7 nights out if work or financially or both. Any attorneys   to take on a small city that has high real estate, higher cost of living where most citizens work simple low paying jobs and make up the rest with the cleanings and upkeep of our rentals? There’s only one road. Barely any land. Houses are expensive. Most work in small stores, cashiers, bank tellers. Hotels. Preñaos these ppl will just leave and the city will be left with no labor. None if this making any sense. Meanwhile they’ve increased our property taxes heaviiy making  up for the lack of tourist revenue. Trash pick up has gone up. Water even more expensive than it was and the electric too. All this they say because locals complained about airbnbs?? They’re getting hit with higher taxes now. As for the complaints don’t see them with crazy rowdy ppl. It’s a small key not much happens don’t even hear the police sirens. 

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I bet this was an attempt by local hotels and motels and those with expensive homes to kill the STR market knowing quite well a lot of the lodging business in Marathon (central Florida keys) comes from Miami (meaning those able to drive coming from a few hours away) and just coming for a 'weekend' vacation. Slick.

They didn’t need to do away wit STR in marathon. It’s not like it’s a huge city. There’s plenty of business to be had regardless. Somebody’s getting paid off for this stunt