Miami regulations

Miami regulations

Hi there, I recently got a condo for air bnb in Miami and the city have told me I need a building permit, certificate of occupancy and certificate of use in order to publish on air bnb.


has anyone had to go through this? Or is there a simpler way to doing this? I see most hosts don’t have a business license or certificate of use registration on their listings so I’m wondering if there is a simpler way of doing this as contractors seem to be charging anywhere from 5k-10k for a change of use building permit with no remodels or repairs.


any help will be much appreciated 


stay blessed not stressed 


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If that's what your local government say, then that's what you need to provide if you want to  offer your STR business in that location.


Seems like sensible requirements for a property that is intended for commercial use @Jordon12 

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Hi there @Jordon12 👋


Congratulations on your new condo in Miami! 🎉

I found some more information from the Help Center about Miami hosting regulations that might help you. If you've found it all already, how are you getting on? 

Looking forward to hearing from you and I hope this helps, 
Rebecca 🌟



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