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Matei, Fiji

More guest enquiries

How do I get guest to book my place often??

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Hi @Sarah-V2 you may consider the following that may help you possibly increase your bookings and occupancies.


-Ensure your listing has high-quality, well-lit photos showcasing the best features of your space. Consider hiring a professional photographer if possible.

-Write clear, detailed descriptions of your space, highlighting unique amenities and features. Be honest about what guests can expect.

-Keep your listing information up-to-date, including any improvements or changes to your space. 

-Small gestures like a welcome note or a guide to local attractions can greatly enhance guest satisfaction. Ensure your space is clean and comfortably furnished. Regularly check and update your amenities to meet guest expectations.

-Politely ask your guests to leave a review after their stay. Positive reviews can significantly boost your listing's attractiveness.

-Offering a flexible cancellation policy can make your listing more attractive to guests who are uncertain about their travel plans.

-Consider offering discounted rates for longer stays or last-minute bookings to attract guests. Hope this helps! 

@Alicia753 Thankyou so much for the great information and advise really appreciated this especially coming from an experienced host like you.Once again thankyou so much Alicia ..


Sarah from Fiji


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England, United Kingdom

@Sarah-V2 Do a search for similar properties in your area. Make sure your price is competitive with these taking into account the total amount a guest pays. If your market is people staying for 7 days then compare for this - if its overnight stays then compare for this as cleaning fees can have a big effect on price for short stays.

Only you know what your property offers compared to others but do look through the guest's eyes - As a guest I will always choose a property with lots of reviews over a new one unless I am persuaded that king a risk is worthwhile - This could be a price persuasion or it could be a nice view..... Whatever it is that makes your listing great has to come across in the pictures/description.

Thanks so much Mike and Jane for the great information will really take that into consideration.. 

Really appreciate this..