New host in Dubai

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

New host in Dubai

Hi, I’m a new host here and recently listed my property on AirBnB. However, I’m not sure if i need a licence to be able to list property here Dubai. The platform allowed me to do it anyway and didn’t ask for any license. It does ask me for tax info or VAT TRN number which I don’t have. Could someone please guide me. I have already got my first client and accepted the booking as well. 

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 Check with your local government or whoever manages STR regulations in your location @Apollo24 

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Hi @Apollo24 👋


Have you managed to find anything to help you get started with Hosting in Dubai? I found an article on the Help Center that might point you in the right direction: 

Responsible hosting in Dubai 


Please head back and let us know how you're getting on 😊




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