New host in Switzerland

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Sion, Switzerland

New host in Switzerland


Who should I contact to get advices on Prices for my apartment in the Swiss Alps in the Valais (near Sion)


danielle **


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Hello @Danielle1774 😊

I'd recommend joining the Local Host Clubs to connect with fellow hosts local to your area. You can get advice, exchange tips and share insights on how bookings are going in your area 🏡


Hope these help!



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Suggestions  Outside pictures  are great   but as a Guest I want  to see the interior  kitchen   living room  especially if someone is sleeping inn the  living room  If  my kids are sleeping in the living room,  then I want the  1 bedroom  sort of my relaxing  space not I  have to go to bed  when  my 8 year old does .  Show a tv in the  bedroom if no sitting chairs then those like sitting pillows on the bed that support and cushion your  back  if sitting up  in bed.

Also  your pricing  makes significant jumps every time I add a person as a Guest that is an unpleasant surprise.  My max  on a room  is two adults that is the price I set for everyone.  1 or 2.  Very unusual someone asks for a discount for one.  I have the ability and I  just do a private special price.  I would reconsider your pricing to  be a  good place for you to cover expenses and at the same time not  scare off the majority of who  you are trying to attract..  Your description  addresses  a couple        and 1 or 2 children I priced 2  adults two children  and the priorice increased    by $100 per night..  

Also when you do your pricing on your  calendar Airbnb  shows you  what comparables are pricing.  If you click on the comparable prices you  can see a map and  which  ones are booked..  Good to   look at  who is booked gives you ideas  from experience   in your area