No booking for The View Home Stay in Kampot my new home

No booking for The View Home Stay in Kampot my new home

Hello I am Sathya a host of Anchor Villa and The View Home Stay in Kampot city, I decorated and spent a lot of money to build new house (The View Home Stay)  but now only one guest booked after I've opened during year end 2019 until now never get booking just ask questions then keep quiet.

I was thinking and asked myself,  am I give the wrong information or not good location to stay?


If any experiences to share from other host please give me some advise about this.





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Saskatchewan, Canada

@Sathya3 Your rooms look lovely so it shouldn’t be the design that is an issue. That only leaves other things to consider:

1) how many places are available in your area compared to how many guests are searching for a place to stay?

2) Is your pricing competitive and in-line with the other Airbnb’s in your area? One of the biggest factors guests look at it the price. 
3) You mentioned location, I’m not from there so I wouldn’t be able to help you on that one! In your listing description be sure to point out any nearby attractions/destinations and highlight what is available nearby. 

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Sayulita, Mexico

@Sathya3  I think it took a month or so after I listed to get my first booking. It can be dependent on many factors, as @Katrina79 mentioned- it's not necessarily that you have done anything wrong. Be patient.

And yes, many people will send nquiries, asking questions, and you never hear from them again. It's quite common. Understand that they may have sent out inquiries to 10 different places. A few polite ones may message back thanking you for taking the time to answer, but usually they won't.