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Does anyone know if there is an ombudsmen in Australia to contact. I am a superhost. I haven’t been paid by Airbnb for over one month for a long stay guest. I have rung several times and keep being told it’s a system error they have flagged. The guest has now checked out. They were not charged and I’ve not been paid. I can’t get anyone at Airbnb to do anything to fix this. #airbnb #airbnbpayments. 

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(Australian Financial Complaints Authority)



Good luck! 

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AFCA is the Fiancial industry. not the Airbnb. I cannot find any third party that we could lodge the complaint relevant to Airbnb.

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I have a complaint about a system error that air bnb also made which cost me $250. . They claim to not be liable, there help desk people are not helpful... Who are they reportable too? Sounds like these type of "system errors" happen regularly and theyvare not accountable to anyone?

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Hi Sarah, how did you go we are owed over $100,000 I keep getting the run around by Airbnb how did you go what was your outcome? Did you have to make a complaint to the Australian government? I will be tomorrow.

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Why don't you take Airbnb to court @Dianne17  $100,000 is a huge amount of money to let them run up without taking any action.


What reason did they give you for not paying you?


Why have you continued to use them when they aren't paying you?

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Hi @Karin80 ,


I get that this is a huge amount and you would have been in an extremely stressful situation! Can you share a bit more information surrounding your issue? Like when did this happen and whether there was any response from Customer Support? I will also try to nudge the concerned team around your case from my side. I hope you get some answers soon.


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Oh I have a system error supposedly too I had a credit in my account and when I added a day to my booking they charge my debit card instead of taking it off of the credit when in fact I had already added one day to my booking and they taking it off of the credit

 They try to tell me they can't refund me in retrospect well first of all they didn't ask me if I wanted to use my debit card and the day before when they charged me for the room it took it when they took it off of my credit it just automatically took it off so I don't know why it didn't just automatically take it off the second day I added but I've been on the phone with them all day long and to no avail. I bet she's the last time I use Airbnb and I've been a pretty regular customer

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Hi Dianne17. I'm also about to complain to the Ombudsman. So frustrating & tiring. Im trying to get AirBNB to provide me with any clarity or ownership of  what appears to be, in my case, possible Bait & Switch Identity theft. This gas left me feeling very vulnerable. No offer to recompense regarding the money that was owed to me either.  It's been a week so far of me making all the calls and no one getting back to me. Shocking & disappointing. 


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yes. im the same. who did you escalate to external to air bnb?