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Kuta Utara, Indonesia


I started hosting my home on Airbnb a month ago, but so far, no payouts have been credited to my bank account.

I am using a local Indonesian bank, BNI, and the account was verified correctly.

All the information is accurate, and the payout appears to have been processed correctly, but the money has yet to arrive, despite weeks passing since the expected date.

I have contacted Airbnb's support dozens of times, but they continue to say that the payments have been sent and pass my case to another team. They either don’t understand where the problem is or are simply lying.

This hosting experience has been exhausting: all the guests were happy and left positive reviews, but i'm working for free at the moment

Airbnb says that as far as they can see, everything has been sent, while the bank (BNI) states that no payment has been received and they cannot find the transaction in the system, even with the payout ID provided.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Have you found a solution?

I am desperate, please help me ...

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