Pool Alarms

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Pool Alarms

Hi, I’ve been hosting since September 2020, and this summer is our first experience renting with the pool open.  New York State mandates use of an alarm IN the pool.  Does anyone have experience with a reliable pool alarm?  The one recommended to me lasted 2 months.  Also, if you have a pool, do you require any signed release from

your guests regarding use of the pool?



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Hello @Susan4178 and welcome to ABB CC from across the lands and oceans in Auckland, New Zealand


What a beautiful inviting Heritage treasure you have.


It's interesting for a New Zealander to read you have to have a Pool alarm.

I've never heard of that before.


Have you looked using related keywords in the Search box here in CC?

Someone else may have asked a similar question in the past, and there are many other topics on swimming pools which you may find helpful.


To cover your basis, it's a wise idea to have an agreement signed for both parties peace of mind.



As an aside,  we have regulations around swimming pools having to be fenced off.

Those bylaws were introduced  across New Zealand, notably in Auckland, from recall in the 1990''s after we had our perfectly functioning local borough Councils gobbled up into Auckland City Council governance.


All the best

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Middletown, NY

Hi!  Thanks for the compliment, we were reluctant renovators of this treasure that was my husband's 'growing up' home.  We also need to have a fence of 4 feet surrounding the pool here in NY.  Thanks so much for the suggestion, I'll try that.  We would love to visit your beautiful country some day!