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Hi. I'm not really happy with Airbnb cause the review system. I'd like to know the experience of other hosts to understand how all you manage that. Just to give you an example of my discomfort, Airbnb suspend my listing for 5 days because a guest complains about my apartment,  she said everything was perfect just it's small.  Since my listing clearly said my listing is a tiny studio apartment, how Airbnb suspend my post for this review ??? I feel that system have a lot of things to check and Airbnb doesn't looks is gonna do

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Retaliatory reviews are against Airbnb content policy. Contact airbnb as many times as needed and tell them to remove the review as it does not give enough relevant information and is retaliatory. 

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Hi @Martha1129 ! Hope you are doing well!🌻


Did you hear back from the Support team regarding your listing?

I was looking at your profile to check the listings and seems like it is active. Did you have more than one listing? Hopefully, this seems to have been resolved for you.


Keep us posted!




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Hi Bhumika, thanks for your I interest in helping me. Yes, my listing is currently active. The point is I have 3 bad reviews for the same client who extend his booking twice.  He left a disaster in my apartment and didn't respect the Check-out time, I must to pressure him to go and he didn't pay for a ride I did for him. Of course he use the review system to revenge because I requested extra money to fix the disaster he left. My claim is not about my current status, my claim is about how unfair is the Airbnb review system. It's obvious that the client is using the review system to damage my reputation intentionally,  no because he has a real reason to do it. In fact he wrote it. I requested Airbnb to check about this review and they just repeat again an again the review policy without analyzing the case deeply. Then recently another client left a 4.6 review with 3 overall experience and Airbnb suspended my listing because I have an historial of bad reviews. This last one review was due the client said my apartment is small although is listing like TINY apartment. Doing the long history short, my point is the review system is unbalanced and Airbnb base the decisions in a system without common sense. You can go to my profile and see my pictures and the reviews from the other clients. The decision to suspend a listing is to rude, you can't blame a owner for a client opinion (both new clients) without a deep analysis of the situation. I'm tired to receive an automatic response with the review policy while seems Airbnb is not listening what I'm trying to say

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Sounds like a horrible experience.


Why did you extend the guests booking twice when he was such an awful guest @Martha1129 


Do you not include regular cleans for longer stays so you can keep an eye on how the property is being maintained. ?


you can ask Airbnb to remove the review if you can try and show it's done as a revenge review. 

Hi Helen, thanks for you recommendation, I really appreciate it. You're totally correct, cause my short time like host I didn't manage the situation in my best interest. That guest was my second one, he did three short booking back to back, I offered him cleaning service wich he refused three times saying that's fine I'm ok I'm ok, and I didn't realize what was inside. Cause the three bookings were short he did my review after my money request that's why he had the opportunity to use it against me. That's I'm trying to show unsuccessfully to Airbnb.

Retaliatory reviews are against Airbnb content policy. Contact airbnb as many times as needed and tell them to remove the review as it does not give enough relevant information and is retaliatory. 

Hi 👋

I did it several times but they don't listen.

They just send the review policy every time I contacted them.

The customer service people is trained to repeat thousand times the programmed answer without the analysis of the situation.

That's why my frustration 🫤

I am having similar issues. My specific issue is when someone does damage. The last 3 times we reported damages the guest denies the damage and then writes a horrible review against us as a retaliation. In all 3 cases the tenant never expressed issues during their stay but brought up lots of issues after we filed a claim. Seems the review system is being used to retaliate. 

Once you get three 3* reviews in a quarter, any additional will suspend you for a month, then each for a week. So one guest could cost you a lot of bookings….

I'm sorry to heard that you're experiencing. Airbnb's rating policy is totally unfair towards the owners.  I had to permanently cancel the spaces I had to rent after several problems with unaware guests who seem to know that the policies are in their favor and they will get their way.  Damage caused by clients cannot be reported because you risk being rated poorly and Airbnb not only agrees with the guests, but also suspends you without caring about the economic damage they cause you.  My space was advertised more than seven times as a micro apartment, but a client came and despite giving a score of 5 in all the parameters, he gave me a 3 overall because the space was very small and for that reason Airbnb suspended my ad. How do you defend yourself from that? The last of them and the one that broke the glass was a woman who showed up with her special child and destroyed my apartment but because he was a special child, Airbnb did not allow me to make any type of claim or release and I had to pay my pocket for all the damage caused: missing items in the kitchen, stains on the walls, doors out of square, broken hinges, gum on the sheets, garbage everywhere, among others.  And Airbnb simply doesn't seem to listen or care about the reasons you give, customer service repeats like a broken record the script they are told and they don't even make an attempt to analyze with common sense the complaint you are trying to express.  For me it was too much, I prefer to have peace than money.