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Setting pricing






We have been Airbnb Host for 3 years this coming October. We recently became host on a second property. Our first property stays booked. But this second one has a slow start. We went live in April of this year on that property. We have had many views but low bookings. I have reduced the price with a custom discount as well as lowered the cleaning fee. Coffee and water are provided as well as toothbrushes, mouth wash and toothpaste. Is there anything else I can do to entice guest?


Bungalow in Durham · ★5.0 · 2 bedrooms · 2 beds · 1 bath 


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Double check your amenities because it says no kitchen and no essentials.

You have sleeping  for four but it  says accomodates 5?

You seem to be liked by people  with a pet.  I would  charge a   pet fee reasonable.  Highlight a   fenced yard, pick up a dog bed some bowls that  can be used  some amazon dog toys.. 

Also little poop  bags and a poop trash can in the yard encourage clean up..

Pet owners are like parents usually just some inexpensive items make you a plus.  

In my living room I have 2  couches, one with an inexpensive  but really stays on  cover, which I  can just wash off dog hair and the other couch no pets.

Maybe look  at your guests being smaller it looks like you attract just 1  couple and their pet.     Maybe you need to price for that and if another couple so 2 couples have additional pricing over 2 guests..

You  highlight historical  attractions in the area, I would try an encourage seniors   who have  1 pet.  Seniors  you want to highlight  your safe environment,   quiet location but nearby attractions..

I am a senior we love senior discounts haha even  something  like 5  bucks a night.

Also  us seniors haha bathroom safety .  II  bought sticky traction flowers for my shower  off amazon love them, my bathtubs I  have a simple  handle device on the tub so  you have something to grab on to,  my walk in shower amazon again I  bought a tension pole  my husband put up outside the shower  no holes in about 15 minutes  amazing  and very  sturdy.

Thank you Marie. Not sure why its showing no kitchen, we have selected most amenities (38). There is another bed that a 5th person can sleep in but I like your suggestion on the two people and extra guest. We also have a pet fee set and the pet cover for the sofa. I'll put more information for seniors. Thanks, good feedback!