Specialist insurance needed

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Specialist insurance needed





I have been with Pikl Insurance for a number of years. I have rented out my small double room and have made sure I have an extra layer of protection when it comes to insurance. While the host cover does go someway, I wanted to make sure I had a provider who could provide a policy. Pikl are increasing my monthly payments from £25 to over £100. I was wondering if anyone can recommend any specialist insurance providers they use so I can get quotes? I have found one provider for £43 a month but still a sizeable increase. 

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@Callum73 JL Morris insurance brokers claim to specialise in Airbnbs. We have used them for years but I am fearful of what this years premiums will bring!

Thanks Mike - that's super helpful. I'll check them out. I spent a fair bit of time this week getting quotes. Managed to get it down from £980 to £445. Determined to get it down further. The cheapest I found so far are Adrian Flux.