AirBnB Needs to Make it Easier to List 2 Units Located Within the Same Property

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I know we can't be the only hosts who have a multi unit property with both being used as vacation rentals. I wish the system included some provisions to make listing additional units more efficient by somehow enabling the grouping or associating of units by physical location, and using the same description write-ups for those areas that apply to both units. 


In my case we have a multi-family house with 2 units we use as vacation rentals 100% of the time. We finished renovations on the first floor in 2019, and the second just a few months ago. When I listed the first unit, I spent hours making sure every detail was included, providing captions for all the photos, as well as comprehensive descriptions for every amenity. I felt this was even more critical when I was populating the Accessibility section to ensure every detail was covered and every photo explained. Many of those Accessibility topics concern exterior areas which both units share and need to say the reflect the same information for potential guests to determine if the property is right for them.


Now I'm filling in the listing gaps of the  2nd unit that haven't be completed yet, and wish the app would allow me to select what I provided in the 1st listing which would save me a lot of time. I see this working in one of two ways, or some combination of them.


1. Develop a provision within the listing system which allows hosts to indicate that the 2 units are on the same property, which if selected will ask the host which listing elements are common between the two, and simply allows for a single edit to update both property listing on the website.


2. When a host has more than 1 unit listed on the AirBnB system, whenever a host is adding an additional unit and is going through the photo upload and description writing process, with system provides an option to import the photos (and captions) and written descriptions from the first unit's listing into the listing they are building. In this case it would make sense that once the photo or description text are imported, they can be edited as the host needs.


As it sits, it's a game of flipping back and forth between the two listings to copy-and-paste the written descriptions and uploading the same photos I already uploaded for the first listing. It's a time eater and kills any semblance of efficiency. 


Anyone else have the same frustrations? I know the multi unit hosts are the minority by a significant margin, so adding these features would have a limited value in the big scheme of things. However, I can't imagine this would be difficult for the software engineers to figure out, and I'd be a much happier camper.

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Re: AirBnB Needs to Make it Easier to List 2 Units Located Within the Same Property

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@Pete2785 You can duplicate the listing BUT beware that certain things do not duplicate so it will, for example, have Instant Book enabled even if your original listing didn't.

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