How to stop rules breaking without financial deterrent?

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I am new to hosting. Hoping you experienced peeps can advise me.

Firstly.  I don’t live near the property but I do have help/ family / handyman near by. 
Most guests have been respectful

just had a few groups making noise outside and the neighbours are sending me audio files/ photos of lots of cars in the driveway (they obviously had more people turn up)

I called guest immediately to turn it down/ go inside which she did but after 2 weekends of constant noise the neighbours are, understandably, really upset (we have a pool so there is splashing/ laughing / drinking noise all day long and then chatting laughing all evening) they are working from home and elderly so I do understand their complaint.

so I have decided to reduce occupancy and prioritise families and I was going to make the security deposit really high so if they break the rules they loose it (would be a massive deterrent to future parties / rule breaking) but understand the security deposit only covers damages. My rules are clear and precise and I greet all guests and vet them heavily / take off instant book. How have others managed this? Thank you in advance. 


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Re: How to stop rules breaking without financial deterrent?

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@Victoria1394 I trust you are aware that Airbnb neither collect the security deposit nor do they even reserve the amount on a guests credit card. It gives, I am afraid, just a false sense of security

Re: How to stop rules breaking without financial deterrent?

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Welcome to the Community @Victoria1394 . Just a heads-up I moved your post in our "New to Hosting" board as I think this might result in more replies and useful advice. Thank you 🙂 

Re: How to stop rules breaking without financial deterrent?

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@Victoria1394  first I am in love with your dollhouse of a cottage. So. CUTE.


I think you are going in the right direction with lowering your guest counts and raising prices. Here are a few more suggestions:


- no last minute bookings

-no one night bookings-- 2-3 night minimum- looks like you have that

-no long term bookings (7-10 day max)

-don't book guests with no reviews or those who say they are coming to "celebrate" anything. If you have instant book on, set the filters to those who have recommendations by other hosts only and a fully verified profile

- in all caps in your house rules add "WE DO NOT ALLOW PARTIES OF ANY KIND. This is a quiet residential neighborhood and guests are asked to be respectful of the community. Noise complaints, guests over capacity numbers, unregistered guests and bookings by third parties are not allowed. Stays will be canceled if any of these occur."

-put an Easter egg in your house rules to ensure that people read them. We have "one room school house" at the end of ours. Booking requests need to come in with that phrase. If they don't we ask the guest to find the secret phrase in the house rules to finalize their request.

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