Advice on how to keep towels soft

Advice on how to keep towels soft

Hello. Could you share where you buy a high quility, luxury soft towels and how to wash them to keep soft and nice. Thank you

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I buy my towels from Fred Meyer (Kroger some places) or Costco.


I use fabric softener in the wash to keep them soft and fluffy.


I also tend to pick out the "higher" end towels (like Turkish) because they are thicker and last a lot longer.

Thanks @Maia29 !

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@Valentyna7 I use white vinegar as a fabric softener, and it keeps the towels soft and fluffy. It's all natural and doesn't have any smell after being used in the wash. You can put it in the fabric softener dispenser in your washer. I use it for all of my laundry, not just towels. 


It's inexpensive, and does so many things like remove odors, soften fabric, and it's great for cleaning. It will absorb odors if left out in a bowl. Wonderful stuff! 

@Kia272, thank you so much for a good advice. I will try, it's really inexpensive...

@Valentyna7 You're very welcome! 


I try to keep the cleaning supplies for my AirBnB as close to all natural as possible, and that's how I learned about the multitude of uses for white vinegar. I use an unscented, plant-based detergent, the white vinegar, and Borax (also natural) for whitening as well as odor removal for all of my laundry.  


I've actually had guests comment on how fluffy the towels are, as well as thanking me for having unscented/non-chemical cleaners. I do use one commercial all-purpose cleaning spray because with the Covid cleaning protocol,  I  want to comply and be sure that nothing infectious survives, but overall I use a lot of vinegar and feel that it cleans very well. 


If you do a quick Google search on it, you'll learn a lot, and may be pleasantly surprised. 

I appreciate all your advices, they great and I don't like chemicals too. Using it if really really need. Thank you for sharing!

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I agree with your Great tip, it is Sustainable  and it is saves you  Money. 

@Kia272 Thanks for this great tip re: vinegar in soft goods…is there a magic ratio for vinegar you recommend? We typically use industrial machines that allow us to wash 3 sets of king bedding at one time.  

@Alex1485 I kind of just wing it. Using a normal, household size washer, I put about a half cup per load, but I'm not measuring, just kind of eyeballing it. 

For an industrial size machine, you'd obviously want more. A Google search should help. Cheers.


Our recommendation is to select a source that offers same day or next day delivery., be careful of the weave, that it doesn’t “hold” the stain 


No matter how many we have, we always need more..