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Breckenridge cleaners

We need help finding a cleaning service for a two bedroom, two bath 800 square-foot little cabin in blue River seven minutes outside of Breckenridge. We have tried a couple of different services however, they don’t seem to want to change the duvet covers and keep leaving them on dirty from the previous people. Also the past cleaning service quoted me $250 and five hours to clean the 800 ft.². They said we will never find someone in Breckenridge area that will charge under $250 but when we see other similar listings the cleaning fees are never over$160ish.  We did try this service. It took them two hours and they again did not change the duvets.   I called a local recommended cleaning company and they said they don’t change quilts or duvets either. Is this common? Are all  Comforters/duvets, etc. left dirty from previous guest with all services? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Looking to pay a fair price for cleaning for a service that is reliable. Just want a good relationship with a cleaner. Thank you for any suggestions!

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Thank you so much for your response.  My AIRbnb is in Breckenridge so I reached out to the group closest to that area.  Hoping for some good recommendations soon.

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Hello @Paula2449, this sounds like a complex situation. I am sharing >>here<< a few cleaning service options that one of our Hosts previously shared in our community. It might be worth checking if they are available in Colorado Springs.


I am also sharing >>the link<< where you can join the nearest Local Host Club to your location. This will allow you to connect and exchange ideas about this situation with fellow Hosts in Colorado Springs.



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Thank you so much for your response.  My AIRbnb is in Breckenridge so I reached out to the group closest to that area.  Hoping for some good recommendations soon.

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I've never heard of a cleaning company that wouldn't change bedding @Paula2449 


How are you integrating your linen changeover with your cleaning services ? Some cleaning companies offer linen changeovers alongside cleaning. Some you need to organise separately.


have you asked for recommendations on your local host group? 

@Helen3 Thank you for replying.  I agree I haven’t heard of that either but neither service I’ve tried has changed them (even though they said they would) and the largest service in the area says they don’t do it either that their owners do???  I would but I’m not local.  Reached out to the local host group for help.  In the mean time I’m driving 2 ½ hours each way to clean…

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@Paula2449  You should keep in mind that cleaning fees that you see at other properties don't necessarily reflect the actual charge of the cleaners. Many hosts would absorb some of the cleaning cost into their nightly fee, and then post a cleaning fee that is more tolerable to guests. 


Why don't you reach out to neighbors or some local message boards or forums, to see if anybody has a cleaner they trust who does a good job. Word of mouth can be a great way to find someone. Reach out to local resorts and hotels to see if some of the housekeeping staff wants an extra cleaning gig. 


And no, I would hope that no host is renting a property with linens that haven't been cleaned properly. I wash all bedding between each and every guest. Anything else is unacceptable. 

Thank you for your response @Kia272 .  Yes, I agree word of mouth is best so I was hoping someone on AIRbnb could recommend who they use in Breckenridge.  Joined the local area group so hopefully something will come of that.  Thanks again!

Hello Paula my name is Jennifer Montoya I own a cleaning company in Leadville I currently clean 3 Airbnbs in Breckenridge feel free to reach out to me