Can you please rate my first listing?

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Oviedo, Spain

Can you please rate my first listing?

Hi everyone!

I'm quite nervous on my first listing. I've just renovated this property spending all of my "not working time" for the last year.


What do you think about the photos?


Im, honestly, quite proud of them but I have zero artistic abilities. Just tried to meticulously copy pinterest pics.


Also, my local ruling allows only 6 persons if there's only one bathroom. My apartment fits more than that, so I decided to lock the single bedroom to use it for storage and air drying bedsheets; and letting guests use that bedroom for +7 days stays. Whats your opinion on that?

Id love to read your honest opinions, the more you critique the more I can learn.


Thank you in advance!

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Your pictures are lovely.  I don't  understand why lock a bedroom.  With the  bedrooms I see sleeping  arrangements for 5  people not six.  Removing the single bed then you have decreased your sleeping areas to four people are you planning to change your listing to for people?  That may be something to consider because of only 1 bathroom increase traffic on a bathroom is an increase of  plumbing issues and since only 1 bathroom issues will  need to be corrected very quickly.

Hello Marie! Thank you 🙂

The problem is that in Spain we don't usually use dryers. Very few homes have them. We tend to hang out to dry our clothes. That room locked lets me hang the sheets there if they have not dried yet.

My place host 7 comfortably (in terms of bedding), as the sofa bed is a double sleeper. It's the european equivalent to US  IKEA HOLMSUND. Local regulations makes it a 6 person max anyway. Of course its nicer to have the single bed available, but it makes my life so much easier.


You cannot be more right about the single bathroom issue. I wanted to add one more bathroom when I renovated the flat, but window placement did not allow to. Luckily I built the bathroom myself, so basic maintenance and repairs are on me. Lets hope the flat above does not cause a flood 🙂

Thank you for your time and effort to answer.



It looks great! Not quite sure I understood why you want to close a bedroom (is there one more on top of those shown in the pictures?) Anyway , a storage room is very handy to keep linen, detergents, refilling products etc etc

Thank you!

The possibility of closing the single bedroom allows me to have extra store space for everyday tasks.


Also, I can use the space to hang out to dry the sheets and towels for short stays. They can dry out in the unit without causing any issue to my guests.


Also it speeds up cleaning time. If only 3 people rent the space, I don't know if they have used that bed. They may have fought and decided to sleep on different beds, or maybe someone decides to take a nap on the single bedroom instead. 

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Hi Javier!


This is such a big accomplishment – congratulations on getting your first Airbnb listing up and running! It sounds like you've poured a lot of heart and hard work into renovating the property, and that definitely shows.


To have Zero artistic abilities you did a great job! People are drawn to beautiful and well-lit spaces on Airbnb and you hit the nail on the head with what you did. I would definitely stay here.


Your solution with the locked bedroom for longer stays is clever! It allows you to comply with regulations while still offering the space for larger groups on extended visits. You might want to mention this strategy clearly in your listing description, so it's transparent to potential guests.


It's good that you're open to feedback! Don't be nervous – you've clearly put a lot of thought and effort into this.


Congratulations again, I hope your first listing is a big success.

Thank you for your kind words!


There is room for 6 anyway. Here in Spain is not that common to use dryers, so reserved space to hang out to dry sheets and towels is a must.

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Your listing looks really good, it looks really clean and modern what you can do is uncheck the dryer option so it shows up as an option but then either in your rules or in the section about your home you can say here in Spain we don't use typical electric dryers but there is a drying rack or a drying line for you to use.  And also uncheck that you don't have essentials because essentials is like pots pans, plates, cups, silverware, And it might confuse people cuz when they see you don't have essentials as an amenity they're going to be like well then do we even get to use the kitchen if there's no plates there LOL... 


Well... that's weird. I did not check dryer option. Same for not having essentials.


Could you please tell me where are you seeing that I checked the "don't have essentials" option?

I double checked and my list does not show what you say. Id sincerely appreciate if you could tell me where to look, so I can talk to airbnb support about the issue.


Thank you very much for your time,


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Okay I just reread your listing.  This is for the entire listing??  And you will not be on site correct? 

Hi, @Autumn11  !

I've just seen your message. Thank you for your interest:)

Yes, I won't be on site, the listing is for the whole flat.



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@Javier2100 Re: Local ruling...if you think one bathroom is ample for more than 6 people then you can creatively word it to say there is extra space. Or tell them to contact you for extra people.


You've decorated it in a lovely style. Working with a monochromatic pallet allows you to throw in color if or when you want...a color on throw pillows, kitchen utensils, knobs on the hob, one coffee table book among 4 gray books, the homemade soap in the soap dish. the broom, umbrellas, one plate.... Just something to attach the guests to the space. Like they are part of it because they identify the unique pieces. I think that's what separates our rentals from executive rentals.


add art behind the sofa. There should be no blank walls. it can be 4 wire catch-all baskets hung next to each other. chalkboard for notes.   water carafe with glass on night tables


bring the art down a bit off the ceiling behind the bed.


Its baller!


Id like to “cheat” but I’ve always been to afraid to be caught😔. Anyway, 6 adults in my apartment is… cramped. Not excessive, but I think 6 is ok. There’s really no room to eat “comfortably”. It’s ok to eat quickly with a few friends but nothing more.


Thank you for your kind comments. About empty wall space, I have to say that I’ve already purchased more wall art. I can’t complain, but I expected to have more free days on the calendar to fix that. I’ve been booked since day one I took the photos on the go! So happy about it. Buy you are so right. Living room must be finished.

Thank you for your time,



Oh! and about the art being to far up on the wall... The thing is the headboard is missing its legs 🤣. I made it myself, but I made only 2 legs, when I actually need 4 of them😅.

I almost forgot!! Thank you for mentioning that 🙂