Cleaning Service for Foley, AL

Cleaning Service for Foley, AL

We have had an Airbnb in Foley, AL for about three years. Unfortunately, we are in need of a new housekeeper.  Most of the agencies I have contacted have not been willing to do an Airbnb since it is not a set day of the week and we often have a quick turnaround. Does anyone have any recommendations in the area for a cleaning service? Thank you in advance for your recommendations. 

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Hi @Gerald-And-Tiffany0 as the Community Center is quite the global space, it might be difficult to find recommendations for cleaners in your specific area.

I wanted to share that one of our Hosts has some suggestions on finding cleaning services. You can check it out here

You might also consider joining your local Host Club. The full list of those is here, which you can find by using the map >>



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@Gerald-And-Tiffany0  I have found it better to search for a husband/wife team who are willing to do the turnovers and maintenance rather than working with an agency.  You may have to offer something more than the "going rate" to attract and keep them, but once found, they are gems that you will want to hang on to.


Ask your previous housekeeper, local churches, local storeowners, neighbors, etc. for names.  Put out an ad on the next door app for your location.  Be prepared to be disappointed and having to work hard looking -- that gem is out there!

Thank you!

Hi I clean airbnbs! I’m right outside of foley al!