Do you offer a parking spot for your guests?

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Toronto, Canada

Do you offer a parking spot for your guests?



Hi everyone,


Knowing what guests need is a key part of hosting. It helps us figure out what extras and services can make their stay better.


Some guests travel by car, either because they're taking a road trip or because it's the easiest way for them to reach their destination. On these occasions, offering a parking spot can greatly enhance their experience. So, do you offer a parking spot for your guests? If yes, do you charge an extra fee? or how do you manage this service?


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PJ, Malaysia

Yes, ONE private parking lot provided for free. 

Level 2
Oyster Bay, South Africa

Yes. No extra cost

Level 1
Pune, India

Housing societies and their rules make it difficult to offer parking to non members 

Level 1
Hatfield, United Kingdom

Yes, we do. We have a private parking space behind the building. 

Level 1
Varde, Denmark


private parking for no extra cost

Level 1
Lincoln, Canada

Yes we do at no additional charge!

Level 1
Everett, WA

Yes 👍 I provided on my private drive way

Level 1
Mumbai, India

Hey, yup we do. For 2 cars maximum at no extra costs

Level 1
Tau, Norway

Hi, yes there are free parking just outside of the flat,

Kind regards Kristin 

Level 1
Newmarket, Canada

Yes I do have parking, and at no additional charge 

Level 1
Adelaide, Australia

Yes,of course.

Yes we offer parking spot for guest

Level 1
Orlando, FL

Yes we do offer gated property with 2 parking spots for the guest veh.

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Yes, but with extra charge

Level 2
Dublin, Ireland

@Bhumika we offer parking spots for all our guests for free. 

Once they open the welcome envelope they can find the key and the fob to the parking space.

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Jersey City, NJ

@Bhumika Where we live parking spaces are gold. Row houses do not have driveways or garages and it's metro NYC area with alternate side parking where cars need to be moved regularly. You can search for a parking spot on the street for hours and not find it!  have a neighbor who rents her driveway on a daily basis. I was offering this to the guests, but there have been 2 guests now who reserved the spot, I paid and they used the parking spot but refuse to reimburse me for the expense. So I stopped offering it. I wish there was a way they could add a parking spot to their reservation as an additional/optional charge and I wouldn't have to request it view resolution center. 

Level 10
Moreton, United Kingdom

@Bhumika   We do exactly the same as @Mike-And-Jane0 and offer all our guests parking spots for 1 or 2 cars per listing, as we too are far from any public transport.   @Mike-And-Jane0   I need to park my car in the designated parking for guests so they line up correctly.  The times I don't have time (or forget) to do this the guests cars are all parked at strange angles.  I move my car once there is one guests car parked there that the others can follow.  

Level 10
England, United Kingdom

@Ruth413 I like the idea of showing guests how to park. This morning they are all over the place!

Level 10
England, United Kingdom

@Bhumika we offer parking spots for all our guests as there is no public transport within 3 miles of our listings. There is plenty of space as long as the guests park in a nice line - Many however seem incapable of doing so!

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