First listing live! Feedback welcomed and appreciated!

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Bridgeport, CT

First listing live! Feedback welcomed and appreciated!

Hi all! My sister and I have finally jumped the gun and listed our first space! The listing went live last night, I would love any feedback you may see to head us in the right direction. From the photos, to the layout design, to description. We appreciate it and are eager to learn more as we grow in this space!

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I thought beautiful.  Just a personal opinion  for  me too white..  White   makes   me think I  have to  be extremally   careful,  a little color makes  me   feel   more welcome and  comfortable  not   don't  make a mark.

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San Antonio, TX

Hi, Brad. Congrats on your first listing! I will reply from a design perspective only. I didn't do a lot of research in regards to your pricing or your competition, which is extremely important. First, I have an issue with your title. I wouldn't call your space modern and minimalist. From a purest perspective, those words don't fit your listing. I do not see a certain design language in your space and the layout of the living room is a little bit difficult to understand. The placement of the tv being perpendicular to the sofas, will be hard to enjoy. I also think the rug is in the wrong place. 


Overall, I think your missing some aesthetic. It could use decor that's more comfy and colorful  than modern and minimalist. Bringing in some local art and doing a good job of hiding all the cables, will make the space feel more inviting.


I hope you take this advise well, because I want you to succeed! On a last note, professional photography will make a huge difference.

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Hi @Brad1071 , Congratulations on your first listing and welcome to the community 😍.


How are you progressing with the listing set up? Have you got a hang of navigating through various listing settings? 😉 


Supportive Hosts Juan and Marie have shared their advice and outlook to help you with this one! Did you get a chance to read those suggestions? 


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