In ground pool cleaner

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In ground pool cleaner

Hi all-  I have an in-ground pool cleaner/vacuum that runs nightly between 10p and 6am.  I'd like to be able to leave it in the pool, but unsure how guests would feel about it.  I want guest to have the cleanest pool, and it sucks if the pool is cleaned 3-4 days prior to check-in.  Thoughts on leaving it in?  Leave it in with removal instructions? Ask the guest prior if they are okay with it in or if they'd like it removed (knowing leaves and debris might get in the pool).  I'm from Phoenix and monsoon season is coming up quickly!

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I  don't own a pool    so  just  like  a guest,   Ha-ha..  Does  it  take that  long  to   vacuum?  How  hard is to  adjust time???  can it  be  easily   changed  to  like   midnight   to 8 am?     do  I  have  the  ability  to   stoop  i iif   for some crazy   reason  I want  too swim  at  2 am?

It   really  comes  down   to  you  can   set resbbile rules  but  the  key is reasonable..  

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Hi @Ashley1962 , it's nice to see you were proactively thinking ahead for the upcoming monsoon season , to ensure the guests have a smoother experience. 🌻


Since you posted a week ago, I was curious to know what did you do in the end? Have you thought of asking guests prior to their check-in  if they're okay with leaving the in-ground pool cleaner in during their stay?


Did you get a chance to read Host Marie's comment? 



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