How do you prepare for Summer in the Northern Hemisphere?

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How do you prepare for Summer in the Northern Hemisphere?

The summer months are often the busiest for Hosts situated in the Northern Hemisphere. With more guests booking trips during their summer vacations, it's essential that Hosts are well-prepared to provide a great experience for their guests ☀️
Before this important season, many Hosts might be preparing their homes and perhaps conduct home maintenance and renovations such as giving some rooms a fresh lick of paint, updating their listings/photos, or highlight local attractions and local events🏡
How do you prepare for the summer months, and what are the crucial tips you would share with fellow Hosts? 
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!



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@Paula Thank u very much!

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As a new host who started just last November, I have spent the last 6 months upto and including Quincys' Post, reading far more experience host postings & comments, then applying and updating from what I've learnt, to my little place on the West Coast of Barbados. I've replied to this post because it hits a bullseye to what I think is one of the 'core necessities' to what we should do as host, which is to constantly review and update what we offer in every aspect, and never rest on our laurels, because someone else will come along and do what we do, but better. I've learnt and understand clearly, that without the habits of reviewing and updating, can lead to my complaints and despondency about todays performance versus yesterday, or yesteryear(s). I understand that a day/ season will come where I unreasonably expect to have been hosting with the same property in the same location with relatively small changes for umpteen years, and achieving favorable results .. I've learnt a day or 'season' will come where I have to sell and look to do better. 


As a side note; I am not active on Airbnb, because my first booking with BnB, [and I'm sure you all remember the excitement of your frist bookings] clashed and was a double booking with BDC a little time earlier. I apologise to the BnB guest, explaining her booking shouldn't have been possible due to sync calendars. The BnB guest complained to bnb and implied that I "encourage her to cancel". BnB choose to believe that a hungry new excited host would "encourage a guest to cancel". I've learnt then and sinse then via the chats, that Airbnb needs to review & update many aspects of its offering. 


I do the usual list of things such as updating photos, replacing damaged or questionable furniture, new paint or touch up, and go through all equipment and appliances to ensure smooth operation. 
I think updating your guide to reflect local events and business changes. Guests do actually use these tools, especially the last minute bookings. 

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Hello @Craig907 😊


Thank you so much for sharing this!


It’s wonderful to see how you're preparing for the peak season. What are the summer activities that your guests enjoy the most in your location?


Keep us posted!



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We are in a beach community so we provide toys such as surf and boogie boards, sand toys, umbrellas,... and a wagon to haul it all out there. Our guests have access to beach cruisers and use them regularly.