Installing an Electric Vehicle Charger in the listing

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Installing an Electric Vehicle Charger in the listing

Guests who drive Electric Vehicles, simply get it. Reward them with built-in Level 2 chargers and welcome these environmentally conscious guests with the right resources

Jennifer: Canada has committed to having a full and vibrant Electric Vehicle Fleet by 2030. To support this achievement, there is a need for significant infrastructure to appear throughout the country. I can support such initiatives as a host by making chargers available in our listing.


Here’s how we can get a Level 2 charger installed there are various companies that support incentives/mapping out local chargers or being a part of the network such as:

There are also ways I can support my guests by making an outdoor 110v plug available for my guests to charge their cars overnight. Although it is a slower option, it is still a good one. Once I’ve established a way for guests to charge, I can go back to my Airbnb listing and add it as an amenity. It would be important to let the guests know that we can support EV charging. 




Felicity : It sounds like a great idea to be able to help our guests cut their transport emissions when traveling to our country, by helping them travel in an EV. I’ve heard many car hire companies are now increasing their supply of EV’s as the demand grows and the charging networks around the country grow.  In some parts of the world and parts of Australia the infrastructure to support this is simply not in place yet. For many guests traveling to our country, renting an EV can not only be a great way to create less emissions but also save money.

Here are a few highlights of what we think about installing an electric vehicle charger : 

  • Electric Vehicle owners already have an understanding for the importance of reducing emissions.
  • Guests who support the environment, and drive electric vehicles often are more cognizant of ways to reduce energy consumptions
  • Overall, Guests who drive Electric Vehicles would like to have a Level 2 charger that can be used without additional expense to the visit.  


We are also sharing a few tips we came across for our fellow hosts, that we find valuable to consider while making such a decision : 


  • Suggest to  guests that if they are thinking of renting a car - what about an EV! 
  • If we do not have EV charging at our listing, mention where the closest chargers are and the type of chargers that are available.
  • Considering what are the best EV charging apps for guests to use in our country to locate EV charging locations? If we don’t know, we would ask in our Airbnb hosting community group! 
  • Mention any local tips about a reliable car rental company or nearby EV Chargers that are free to use
  • If you have an EV charger be sure to specify the type of charger and speed.
  • Remember to take a photo and add it to your listing photos and add the details to the photo description also add the details of the charger to your listing description.  If you have an EV charger remember to tick the box in the amenities section. 

We would love to know your thoughts on Electric Vehicle chargers and invite you to participate in this discussion : 


  1. What are the best EV Charging apps in your country? 
  2. Do you offer EV charging at your place?
  3. Where else do you promote your EV charging facilities?
  4. Do you know of any special charging deals for customers who rent EV’s in your country?
  5. Have you seen an increase in bookings because you offer EV charging?
  6. Do you charge guests to charge up at your place? How do you know how much to charge a guest? 

    This post is co-authored by Host Advisory Board members Felicity from Australia and Jennifer from Canada.The article is written based on our own personal experiences and opinions as a sustainable Host.
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@Felicity11 We have a level one charger, an additional place to plug in and also a level two charger we can share.  (We drive an EV.) I think Airbnb should add something on the listing beyond it being an amenity (like a charge logo or something) to highlight this feature. This should not be included in the cost of accommodation.  I have one or two guests who use this.  So far I have not charged them but can't afford to do it anymore.  The idea that these guests "get it" is ludicrous.  My guests who had EVs left lights on, turned on AC and left it going all day while out, and were not more conscious of energy use than anyone else. I have thought of charging $5 a day for the level one or pl;ug in and $10 if they use a level 2.  This would be if they plan to use it at all, as I can't be keeping track of when theya re and are not plugged in.

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Manly, Australia

Hi @Jane-Marie0 


Great to hear from you and about your experience with guests who drive an EV.  That is disappointing to hear the guests left the lights and Air con on - some guests get it and well - some don't..   As an EV driver myself I do not expect to be able to charge for free - it would be nice but with power prices going up this is not really an option for most people. I am very happy to pay for the convenience to be able to charge my car when staying at an Airbnb.  I am seeing all sorts of creative solutions come about that allow an owner to use software with a charger that allows us hosts to be able to fairly charge a guest to charge their car.  I think this technology will become mainstream very soon. 

@Felicity11 We had our first request from a guest to charge their EV rental car.  They were told that they only needed a power point.  That sounds easy enough to provide as we have outdoor waterproof power points we can easily provide a lead for.  However the issue was how much do we charge for it.  Obviously we don't want to make it difficult and costly by having to monitor usage and charging by usage.  So we had to charge a fixed cost.  Granted some batter might not be empty but we don't have any control over when the guest will decide to charge and how much usage they will incur. We definitely do not think it is good to include the cost in the nightly fees as it will bump up the cost per night for those who do not require EV charging for their electric cars.  IMO, EV charging is like petrol for the guests.  That should be borne separately from their accommodation. Especially with the rising cost of power these days, it is simply not financially viable to include in the nightly rate.  We do have solar but I imagine the guests are usually out in the day driving around and want to charge their car in the night.  The night time peak rates are expensive and we can't restrict when guests will charge their cars.  So our solution was to say to the guest that we can provide charging from our outdoor power point for AUD20.00 fixed rate (any extra couple of dollars will be service fee for the provision of the service), regardless of the battery level they start charging at.  Then we also provide information of where they can get it charged where they can pay by the usage if they prefer.  So the option is there if they need to use it but will probably cost a little bit more for them for the convenience we provide.  We use this website to calculate the estimated charge and based on that, we reckon it'll be between AUD15-20 to charge a car battery from empty.

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Manly, Australia

Hi @Stephen1431 


Great to hear your experience in welcoming your first guest to your home with an EV and for being so welcoming. As an EV driver myself I plan my holidays around where I can charge my car.  Well done on working with your guests and finding a solution that works for you both.  I am sure they will be very grateful. I am seeing more support from Governments to roll out more level 2 and 3 chargers around the country to help get more EV's on the road.   I am also seeing start ups that are finding creative solutions for home owners to be able to easily charge guests to charge there car when staying .. I believe easy and cost effective solutions are on their way very soon. 

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Huskisson, Australia

@Stephen1431  thank you for giving the Australian calculation page to look up. With this information for a small car for 8 hrs and our electricity prices it works out at to $12. 


Yes the question is still do you charge or not. Yes we do have an outside side power point have just bought an extension lead for this purpose of charging cars. 


We have ticked the box of EV chargers on Airbnb our next thing to do is take a photo of both together and add to our photo page.


After reading topics on charging for extras, I am going to put the EV charging  under Management fees after the first person staying and uses it. Still no one to date to book with an EV,  but have had a private booking asking if we had an outside powerpoint.


I think it will be awhile before we see someone with an EV as we live 200km from Sydney. Very few fast charges on the way and city relatives have said it is a talking point on the media where they are, etic, and a future apps. The talk is the government is taking the discount off the cars and giving to community installation of more EV chargers. 


It is a game of wait and see in Australia is as our country is large compared to Europe and we don't have the population for it to become more viable. However, we are trying to lower our target for climate change.

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Manly, Australia

hi @Laurelle3 


Great to hear from you and wonderful to hear that you can offer your guests the option to charge with a 3 pin plug.  As an EV travelling guest hen we travelled down your way we almost didn't make the booking as we could not find a host who had EV charging and there were no public facilities for us to use.   We were very grateful to find a host who we could stay with who would let us charge our car while we stayed and we paid them in cash for this. I would not expect to be able to charge my car for free - it would be nice but with the power prices as they are I do not mind paying for the convenience to charge where I am staying and I do not need fast or level 2 charging when I am staying a few days.   The government is trying to roll out as many fast chargers around the country and the are working with larger tourism operators to get this set up.  I cant wait to see more options on the road and at more Airbnb's!

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Orono, ME

My last guest who asked to charge their electric vehicle cranked the heat up to 75 degrees on a beautiful summer day. So I am not sure how much they simply "get it."

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Huskisson, Australia

@Felicity11 we have installed a regular power point outside on main residence near guests parking space after a future guest asked if we had one.

The next topic is. Do you charge extra or it is part of your accommodation charge? This is a question being asked on Australian Airbnb FB page. Costs are also discussed.


I think there will be more discussions on this topic when more EV cars are imported into Australia and on the roads. 



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Hi @Laurelle3 


Oh I wish I was coming to stay with you!  We need to help home owners understand that all an ev owner needs is a 3 pin socket and there own charging cord and then they can charge up - it will be slow.  


I am going to do a cost analysis for EV charging and and post about this and I hope I can show how much it may cost a home owner to let a guest charger there EV on a slow 3 pin power point/ Granny charger or if the home owner installs a phase two charger and decides to charge for this how they home owner can pass on the charge or not - they can decide.!   


A wonderful amenity that I think will be searched for by more guests! 

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I believe it's not wise to include the charging cost as part of the accommodation fee. To ensure profitability, the charging cost should be borne by someone. If you include it in the nightly rate, those without electric cars will subsidize it unless you're willing also to purchase a tank of gasoline for these guests 🙂

@Bob297 Yup, exactly. Power for electric cars are akin to fuel costs for petrol cars. How is that a cost that should be included in Accommodation unless the host is overcharging and the other guests don't mind being ripped off.

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@Bob297 thank you for the tip. To this date we have not had an EV owner stay the possible reason we are coastal rural but I  am sure when more cars are imported into Australia things will changed.


The Australian Airbnb FB page discussions have been related to the future EV's and of costs.  It has been an interesting topic and discussed to inform the understanding of EV electrical charging ports and the costs to hosts with our electricity prices which is different in each state.


Thank you again Bob for the tip we have made no changes.





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we have an EV charger, but only because we have two Tesla's
I would not install a charger specifically for guests
It's expensive, and so is the electricity it uses.
I would point them to the nearest charging station.
I realize that living in The Netherlands (or Noway) makes life easy. We have many (super) charging stations, covering the country.


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Hastings, New Zealand

We considered installing a vehicle charge station for guests, because we have just had a Smart Solar system installed.


Seemed to make a lot of sense as well as a marketing opportunity. 


Was not until we discovered the cost of doing so, that we thanks.


Cost  around $3000 NZD. including install.


Might have thought differently if we already had, or planned to have an EV our selves. (No and Not)


Also could not figure if this would be a add -on charge for guests and how to do so. Cant see it paying for it self.


FWIW...we get  guests with Hybrids and never had any with full EVs

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Hi @Craig-and-Lynne0 


Great to hear your experience on EV charging.


It is a relatively new feature for home owners and I think it will be slow to be taken up.  One thing hosts can do to help guests to travel with and EV is to know what charging apps to recommend to guests and any local deals. 


We know that at our local shopping mall there are 6 phase 2 tesla chargers and they are FREE to use right now.  We also know that if a guest rents a car through the car network SIXT  they will get free charging on the associated car charging network.


Sales of EV's are increasing around the world and more hosts are going to be asked questions about where a guest can charge so it makes sense to get ahead and find out the answers to this.  EV sales in Australia are up to 8% of all new cars while in New Zealand sales up to 20% this year.  

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Great idea! Two thumbs up!

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@Felicity11 Perhaps the other side of the argument needs to be made as well just for balance:


1) Electric vehicles have a huge environmental footprint in their manufacture which means many will not be environmentally friendly over their lifetime.

2) In some countries the pollution is just moved to the gas/coal powered generating stations so there is no positive environmental benefit at all

3) Road damage is increasing due to the added weight of EVs which is again a net negative to the environment

4) Particulate matter from EVs additional weight causing greater tyre wear can actually be greater than from a modern internal combustion engine care.


What EVs do do though is make people happy that they are saving the environment........




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Hi  @Mike-And-Jane0 


Thank you for reading the article and for your comments on EV cars. 

There are many myths around EV cars and the emissions they may create over there life time and the impact of mining for the resources needed to make a battery.   


1  In regards to the emissions created from the manufacturing of an EV I have this from the EPA.Gov site that you may like to read.


"Some studies have shown that making a typical EV can create more carbon pollution than making a gasoline car. This is because of the additional energy required to manufacture an EV's battery.  Still over the life time of the vehicle, total GHG emissions associated with manufactring , charging and driving an EV have zero tailpipe emissions and are typically responsible for significantly fewer GHGs during operation".   There is more information in the link below.


2 As many countries around the world look work to reduce the emissions they create we will see our energy grid clean up.  Typically electric vehicles have a smaller carbon footprint than an ICE ( gasoline) car and if we add into that mix, charging the electric car with clean energy the emissions it creates are much lower.   Clean energy is not available in every country but there is growing demand for it and many countries are stepping up Clean Energy generation and seeing coal mines closing - slowly.  Building the infrastructure takes time and money.  Some countries are making this a priority.


3 & 4 In regards to the damage to roads from the extra weight I do not know what to say. 


On a more positive note I heard a great story earlier this year from an importer of used  EV's into Australia.  He had not been to Shanghai since 2019 and was able to visit again in April this year.  He made the comment that 30% of the cars on the road were electric. The flow on effect of this was a visible difference in the air pollution and the noise on the road - that sounds great to me.  


Sales of EV's look set to rise around the world.  Like many products they will not be the perfect transport solution, however I do think they are a better solution to travelling in an ICE car.   


With EV car sales rising and more car rental companies increasing there fleets of EV's we are going to see more guests travelling with EV's.  To me it makes good business sense to know more about what is needed to attract guests traveling with an EV and be able to stand out from other listings. 


When I first starting hosting in 2012 many hosts did not offer free wifi for there guests or only a limited amount for a small cost. These days free wifi is an expected amenity in many parts of the world.  In 10 years time EV charging in homes may become an expected amenity like this!?


You are right these EV cars do make people happy, and are a lot of fun to drive! 



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you are right, two perspectives for sure. 
Here in Canada, we have farmers who are taking elements from the batteries and using them to fertilize fields as the elements are from the earth and needed for plant life.


so some good for a third perspective 


here is the link






Jennifer Schnier