Looking for recommended Wifi Smart lock for my Airbnb

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Looking for recommended Wifi Smart lock for my Airbnb

I am looking for the most reliable and recommended Wifi Smart lock for my Airbnb unit. I have been using the Weiser Halo for a year and sometimes it works great, but too often it’s unreliable and causes issues and stress. I need to find a more reliable solution. Please give me your recommendations. Looking for ones that give you zero issues with battery life, reliability, and ease of use. Thank you! 


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@Jasmine531 I recommend the Dermum keyless entry lock on Amazon. It has a voice active sound that lets guest know if it’s unlocked or locked . Or if the guest put the wrong code it will let them know it’s incorrect by voice active . 

it’s a touch light based numbers and lights up green if entered correctly or red if wrong . I can change the code anywhere  out of  State on the app that is provided with the Dermum keyless lock . 

I definitely recommend!

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Hi @Jasmine531 , what detailed recommendations you've received from our helpful Hosts in the Community! Does any of the mentions match with what you've been researching for or inclined to buying?


Smart locks have been discussed actively in our Community Center time and again as many Hosts encounter the same dilemma. Sharing a link to those conversations in case they are useful in reaching a conclusion : 


Hope it helps!🌻



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Hi @Jasmine531 

The smartlocks most often mentioned by other Hosts are:


1. Schlage Encode

2. Yale Assure

3. eufy S330 videodorbell smartlock combo


I have used all three with different clients. The Schlage can now be directly integrated within Airbnb to automatically send codes to guests. Supposedly Yale integration will be available soon.


All smart locks that use AA batteries and connect directly to Wifi (no hub/gateway) generally have a battery life of 6months or so. The key to battery life is a strong connection to the Wifi. If the lock is too far away from the router and the signal is weak, this will reduce battery life. The eufy has a lithium battery that is rechargeable via a USB C, which is nice (they don't provide the charging cord). They claim a 1yr battery life before recharging. That said, the battery takes 6hrs to charge, so the Hosts I work with that use it have a spare battery ready to go to swap out when needed. The eufy uses local storage on an SD card, but I believe they now have cloud-based subscription storage as well that is reasonable. The eufy is a bit more expensive, but it provides 2-in-1 products (videodoorbell camera and smartlock). 

Hi Joan;
As I understand you then the best is Schlage, I am starting with my first Airbnb and I have not yet used any, I'm looking for and I saw many options is it possible that you send me the exact reference of some Schlage to buy and use it, I am interested in having physical key also in case the wifi fails,

Thank you;

Luis Gabriel

Hi @Luis5602 

Several models of Schlage with different trim/colors. I have used:


Schlage Encode BE489



There is a newer model that is more expensive Schlage Encode Plus, but haven't seen alot of comments on it yet. I would stick with the BE489 unless you have a true need to buy the more expensive Schlage Encode Plus.


I believe the direct integration of Schlage Locks with Airbnb is currently only in US & Canada:






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@Jasmine531  I think I have tried just about all the smart locks out there since 2010.  Have been using the Yale Assure for the past 6 years or so and I love them.  Very long battery life an no failures knock on wood.


  I do use a hub, Ezlo, formerly Vera to be able to manage the locks to enter and delete codes from an app on my phone.  This for the most part works pretty seamlessly.


I do not get the back lit touch screen locks as they run out of battery quickly and have problems.  I use the locks that have real buttons on them which are easy to use for the mature guests which we have a lot of. 

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@Jasmine531 Best one is Nest Yale. We also have Yale Assure 2 because we also needed a physical keyhole but with great style. You will have to get the external wifi module because the internal version drains the better after a few weeks and is very unreliable.

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@Jasmine531 Happy with our decision to buy the Schlage Encode Plus. Reliable with no issues over the past 6 months, good battery life, no guest complaints, and the new Airbnb integration is compelling.

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I've been using Schlage over 5 years. It seems to be the most popular with Airbnb host. 

I'd suggest the Encode which is wifi. The app is really good.

As @Juan63 mentioned all wifi locks need good signal from router. 

The previous technology was a Zigby hub, such as Smart Things, Vera, and Wink. I first started with a Wink hub and the Schlage Smart Connect which is the Zigby which is a radio wave that is used with home alarms and such, but wifi locks have taken over and there hasn't been any new products for Zigby for years. As it requires another hub (router) that can be problematic. 

The only issue with the Encode is that in very humid and hot climates, like Florida, it can get condensation on the inside cover when it's over 90 and 100% humidity. It happens at night if guest turn down the AC below 72. Schalge does have 3 year warranty and they replaced or refunded my first Encode twice. The first time the refunded the cost of the replacement from Home Depot and second time I just requested they ship me a new one. This was at about 2 years. And was from it getting wet on the inside cover. 

I also use a backup key in a lockbox but so far haven't had to resort to that and every guest of all ages don't have any problem using the Encode or the previous Smart Connect one. I keep the instructions simple and just say to use their code once to lock or unlock. 

When I noticed the moisture inside the cover I drilled a few holes in the side to let it vent which helped. I've done this with the new one and put a membrane over inside to help keep out humid air from outside. It's been over 90 with 100% humidity for the past week and it's bone dry but won't know until middle of summer how well this hack works. I'm also right on the ocean so maybe the salt air is also an issue. AC and Heat units only last about half their lifespan. 

They are also easy to install. I also bought a used one off Amazon so have a backup. I can change it out in like 5 minutes. 

Also I've been using Remote Lock lock service that is integrated with Airbnb for 3 years. I haven't switched over to the new integration in the app but it's pretty much the same. I would hate to have to enter each code manually and every time there is a change or cancelation. It's also very intuitive and I just check the Schlage App to see if the guest checking in was added to the lock. It adds it a few days before check in, and once it's on the lock it doesn't require wifi to work. 

These are the hole I drilled that helped but this is only an issue for places like Florida with esteem heat and humidity, 

Oh remember to save your receipt. Can submit warranty claim via email. It takes about a week for someone to respond. 


Checking in is very important. At least that's a place where host should have perfect score. 

I've only had one 4 star with check in, but it days 4.99. It should be 5.0.  

But Check in, Cleanliness, and Accuracy are all in the host control. 

The one 4 star I got they didn't get to check in really early as they wanted., but I can't have guest showing up before other guest check out or while it's being cleaned. I also put that in my Other Things to Note. 

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I don't understand your point. In the US, most homes don't have an issue with wifi stability and connection.

Sorry I meant to tag @Joan2709 

The lock needs a good connection to the router. If it a weak connection it will drain the battery faster. This is a known issue for not just locks but lots of houses in general. There are all kinds of solutions like mesh routers, wifi extenders, etc for weak spots.