Cleaning while guests still there

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Cleaning while guests still there

Hi! Just wondering what hosts do for cleaning when guests staying for more than 1 night. (Say 2 or 3 or a week). Do you go in each day to make beds & clean baths & do dishes?

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Hi @Sylvia929 

As a rule I don't clean during someone's stay. Sometimes when they stay for longer than a week, I feel obligated to ask whether they would like a cleaning and a change of bedding. Most guests seem to prefer privacy and say no. I also try to set my maximum stays so guests don't stay too long  (this is a personal preference) and I leave enough spare towels (there are also laundry facilities). Almost all of the Airbnbs that I have stayed in across countries, are not cleaned during short or short-ish stays. But maybe you may also need to check with local competitors to be sure.

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@Sylvia929 YIKES!!!!!! NO!!


Anything over a week, you can come up with your own policy, which should be absolutely clear in your house rules. But 2 days? You're the host, not their mother. 

Thank you for the response. I was thinking the same thing, but then started to think about some places I’ve stayed  & they did come in & clean. But I think we were there longer. 

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@Sylvia929 If a guest is staying for more than about 10 days then we always offer to change the bedding half way through the stay. The guest gets the choice of us doing it when they are there or when they are out. This choice is confirmed on the messaging system so that we cannot be accused of entering without permission (this being a big no no). We do this partly to protect the bedding but mainly so we can keep an eye on the state of the place.

Great question! I typically don’t clean during guests' stays, especially for shorter visits of 2-3 days. Most guests prefer their privacy and would rather not have interruptions. For stays longer than a week, I usually offer to change the bedding and do a light clean, but only if the guests agree. I always confirm their preference through our messaging system to ensure clarity and avoid any misunderstandings about entering their space.

To make things easier for guests, I provide extra towels and access to laundry facilities. It’s also a good idea to clearly outline your cleaning policy in your house rules, so guests know what to expect. From my experience and what I’ve seen with other Airbnbs, minimal cleaning during short stays seems to be the norm.


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Absolutely not. 

I make it clear in the listing, cleaning only done at the end when you checkout.

I provide a laundry and all cleaning materials if they want to clean themselves.

This is self catering and self cleaning, not a hotel! Unless by prior arrangement!

Plus they don't want you in there! It's awkward believe me...I've had to go in once to replace a TV during a week long stay, it was uncomfortable all roundd.

Kind regs


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Hello @Sylvia929, have you had the chance to read our Hosts suggestions? 

Which ones resonate with you the most? Let us know if you plan to implement any of these 😊




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