Coffee, Soap, Shampoo

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Cape May, NJ

Coffee, Soap, Shampoo

Do all of you provide coffee, including sugars and creamers? What about shampoo? I do provide soap but am trying to keep it siimple. I'm relatively new and not sure what is expected.

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Good question - 


In our guests' kitchenette: We provide several coffees, numerous teas, 2 types of hot chocolate, non dairy milks, fruit juice, seltzer, granola, yogurt. Salt, pepper, 2 types of sugars, sweeteners, creamers, oatmeal, packaged soups.  In the bathroom we stock shampoo, cream rinse, shower gel, bar soap, makeup removal, toothbrushes, floss, tampons, body lotion, hand soaps, hand sanitizer, many towels, robes, bath mats and rugs.


In addition, we provide warm throws and outdoor blankets, extra blankets & quilts, and lots of extra pillows. 


And there's much, much more!


What hosts provide is totally our decision. We stock what our guests want, need, might need. These choices are regional, of course, and depend on who our guests are - what might be their cultural flavors/preferences. Our region is extremely diverse, and thus, so are our guests. That makes it totally exciting for us!


We get a lot of bird watchers, so we provide a good set of binoculars and a spotting scope on tripod. We've so many field guides in our library. I know you get birders  too, as Cape May is a migration hotspot. 


Get creative, as much as pleases you, and enjoy!


Many of these seem like a very unnecessary expense.

@Carley40 Perhaps an idea would be to check out the competition in your area, see what they offer, read the guest reviews…see what they comment on..and then make your decision… . …would also give you an opportunity to do market research in your specific area, and decide to offer the same, more or less...

@Carley40 Yes, we provide coffee, creamer, k-cups (we have both a kruieg & drip coffee maker), sweet n low, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, & a lotion. You can get a bundle on amazon that is better pricing. I just get the small individual bottles and not leave a big bottle. May be more cost effective to get the refillable attached to the wall though. 

@Jamie1164 @Marit0 


We have restrictions here in California around single use plastic packaging - particularly those little  bottles of shampoo and such. We've long used the large bottles and refilled them as needed. 

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Oslo, Norway

@Carley40 Yes. I bought a Nespresso machine for the guest room, but it turns out I am the coffee drinker, so now it’s in the kitchen. I provide coffee and tea, and they can use whatever they find in the cupboard of spices etc. I have small bottles of shampoo and of course hand soap. It’s a shared apartment, so I have the necessary stuff if anything is needed.

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Clermont, FL

@Carley40 I have a full house rental.  I supply enough for a few days.  

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Denver, CO

@Carley40 We provide coffee, creamer, sugar, tea and stir sticks. We bought a keurig for the home along with a toaster, and have numerous spices. We also provide water bottles in the fridge and a welcome basket. It is nothing fancy but the guests love it. It consists of sparkling apple cider, a bag of cookies and a bag of locally made popcorn. We also provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash/hand soap, individually wrapped toothbrush/toothpaste, makeup wipes and feminine products. 


Because we are in the dead of winter at the moment we make sure that the guests have plenty of spare blankets, towels, wash clothes,  etc. there is a portable heater in each room as well.


We order everything in bulk off of amazon so it is more cost effective and it takes longer for us to run out. 


We have a guest book for them to sign (if they want) and I write each guest a welcome note. 

Stir sticks are a welcome touch, especially in listings without kitchens

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Pahrump, NV

@Carley40 yes I do set out coffe tea all surgers, honey and to go coffee cups with lids also breakfast bars’ I have everything set out on kitchen sink for my guest very convenient for them! All shampoos and conditioner. I have the guest bathroom set up with all accommodations that they need🤗Hope that helps.

Oui. Lit fait linge de toilette. 

Café sucre thé eau minérale.  Lessive.

Huile vinaigre sel poivre .

Petit cadeau de bienvenue. 

Bon courage. 


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Butte, MT

Sure do

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Berri, Australia

I run a budget listing, as it is a room in my house, but closed off, private entrance. I supply a variety of teas, coffee bags, coffee,  Milk,  hot chocolate, biscuits/cookies, a variety of breakfast cereals, bread and milk, jam, honey, Vegemite and butter.   Also soap, shampoo and conditioner.  A few pieces of fruit if I have any on hand.

A lot of people would disagree with me, but I believe a B&B should live up to its name and supply breakfast.

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Fort Walton Beach, FL

I leave, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, coffee pods, powder creamer, and flavored coffee syrup.