Microbathrooms - Love them, hate them?

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Microbathrooms - Love them, hate them?

Microbathrooms - share your pics and opinions!Microbathrooms - share your pics and opinions!

Fellow host extraordinaires, 


For those of you who have microbathrooms, or who have used them, what have your or your guests' opinions on them been? Have they responded positively? Would you be willing to post pictures?


The story motivating my question: Our place could use more bathrooms, but we run into the space conundrum. I'd love to put in "microbathrooms" so that we could actually offer en-suite bathrooms. We have a 3-bedroom, 1 bath apartment that we rent out fully or that we rent 3 separate rooms in. It's my opinion that the shared bathroom keeps us from earning our max potential for the separate room listings, as well as the full 3-bedroom, 1 bath listing. However, I'm concerned that I'd put the work and money into putting the microbathrooms in and then find reviews like "the room was great, but the bathroom was so small I could touch both walls", etc. I suppose it could all be in the marketing, a la being clear and positive about the "micro" in the listing "if you like tiny homes, you'll love checking out the design of this microbathroom! It might just give you ideas for turning your own bedroom closet into an ensuite bathroom!" 


Thoughts? Pictures? Ideas? Warnings?  

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Midland, TX

I agree with Alexandra.  If you put in a 1/2 to just have as an extra would probably ly help, but I definitely wouldn't make a small shower.  

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Lincoln, Canada

@Ashley197I don't mind micro bathrooms for powder rooms: just a toilet and basin. I really hate tiny showers. If you can't bend over to wash your feet or shave your legs, it's really annoying. 

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