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    Hello, My current Airbnb is located in Mexico, and I purchased a smart lock in Mexico that has been a nightmare because of customer service. I am looking to see if anyone has an Airbnb in Mexico and can recommend a lock I can use from the U.S. Thank You!... Latest reply by Karen3152
    Hi All. I'm very new to this so forgive me if this is a repetitive question. I'm struggling with the app so can't see if it was asked before. Do you generally leave one or two keys for 1 particular door? I feel the more keys, the more confusion. What do y... Latest reply by G92
    I've seen this topic discussed here, but about slightly different concerns than my own. So: I've spent most of my adult life in Airbnbs, so I have a pretty good sense of the norms. We are now beginning to list our house and have some bookings. However, we... Latest reply by Paula
    Joe booked the house for May 16-19, 2024.According to Airbnb, three people were staying, him, his wife and a two-year old.Even with many interventions, the dishwasher hasn’t worked since we got the house. The dishwasher is not listed as an amenity.On the ... Latest reply by David10981
    This remote is good option that allows host to set a min and max range for ductless mini splits. Aircon Off Smart Remote Prohttps://www.airconoff.com.au/Aircon-Off-Smart-Remote-PROI first read about it in a 2019 post by @Robin4 and happened to bookmark th... Latest reply by Madiyar0
     Hi everyone!I am looking to start hosting in the near future. I recently purchased a property that is very old and has no central A/C. The possibilities of adding a central A/C are very hard since there is barely any attic space. That leaves me with eith... Latest reply by Madiyar0
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