Offering a hot tub as an optional upgrade for my eco cabin?

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Offering a hot tub as an optional upgrade for my eco cabin?

Hi all! Can I offer a hot tub as an optional upgrade for my eco cabin? Thanks, Alasdair 

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@Alasdair28   Hot tubs are lovely and do add value.  However, they use chemicals.  They require energy to remain heated and water replenishment due to spillage and use.  


We have hot tubs.  To get around the chemical use aspect, we empty the hot tub between guests, scrub it out and refill with fresh mountain water.  We are on a well, so our water is "free" and we use the wastewater from emptying the tub for watering the garden and lawn.


There is no getting around the electric use.  It is not economical electrically to turn the hot tub off between guests (more energy used in reheating), and most guests will crank up the heat to the highest setting and leave it there and forget to put the cover back on....


Good luck with your decision.



Absolutely, @Alasdair28 !

Offering a hot tub as an optional upgrade is a great idea! Just ensure it's eco-friendly and complies with local Stockton-on-Tees regulations. Consider energy-efficient models and check with local authorities for any specific requirements. It's a perfect blend of luxury and sustainability for your eco cabin guests.

Cheers to enhancing your eco retreat,
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Hey @Alasdair28


Have you made a decision about adding a hot tub to your eco cabins? Did any of the answers support you in making a decision? If so, you can mark it as the 'best answer' which is like a huge thank you to the Hosts that supported you. 





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How would a hot tub be eco @Alasdair28 ?


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@Alasdair28 I totally agree with @Guy991 . If you want to offer an eco cabin you can't offer a hot tub - Simples as the meerkats would say.

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@Alasdair28 Of course, you can offer a hot tub. The question is, should you? A hot tub sounds like a great use of water and energy, and there are plenty of hygienic questions. Does this align with your eco-concepts of being closer to nature and returning to the basics? You are the only one to answer those questions, and maybe it will help you find an answer.