Sharing my space and having my personal pictures up

Sharing my space and having my personal pictures up

Hello Community,

I am new to hosting. I live in my home and host as well. My question: what is your advice on displaying family photos and designs in your home where you live and rent out private rooms? Now, in the private bedrooms, I do not have personal pictures, but in the living spaces I do. Please advise. Thank you. I feel that if I take down my family photos in my home, it will not be a special place called home to me anymore. Tell me your thoughts. Thank you. 


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Bristol, United Kingdom

I don't have family pictures in my shared spaces but keep to my private living area, bedroom and study @Terrell22 

Thank you

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New York, NY

@Terrell22  I think it's a matter of editing.  I have personal things in my Airbnb - like the upper half of the china cabinet, where you usually display the fancy stuff, is where I put all my children's three-dimensional art.  They're in their late 20s now so it's more of a museum display.  It's also out of the way in a space a guest would never have a reason to use.  But it says, "Families are comfortable here."  I know guests like it.


People are tired of the places that look like they were decorated out of a West Elm box last week.  They like some character, so family photos can be a great way of adding that.  Make sure they don't take up valuable real estate on a table-top or a place that should be free of clutter.  Consider each photo, the story it tells, the way it looks, so that it's part of the decor without dominating it.  I think your guests will like the mix.

I had guess commented on how nice looking my family is. And that my home was so comfortable to them. But then, a friend of mine said I need to take down my two graduation pictures of my son and daughter in the living room. The guests are renting a private room and sharing the living room, bathroom and kitchen. This is not a hotel. 

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@Terrell22  These days, it’s better not to leave out family photos and other personal items, although historically Airbnb started with someone renting out their couch, which was just fine at the time. Now, though, I’ve seen guests get quite irate when they find too many personal items in “their” rental.


I have a few books, games, pamphlets about the area, and some artwork on the walls that I leave for guests. All bedroom and bathroom drawer items, photos, refrigerator magnets, my computer and printer, etc. get packed and locked up in 1 large closet. I doubt my guests even know I normally live there.


However, if other hosts argue that they fully disclose in their listing that there will be some personal items left in the home, perhaps showing a couple of photos, and then reiterate during booking what to expect, then that would be OK too.


Basically, we are all different and have different properties and offerings, and many things are acceptable as long as expectations are set and met. 

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