Smart lock recommendation

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Smart lock recommendation

Hey guys, 

I was an Airbnb host and I want to share a smart key box that I get from Kickstarter. I often travel out of the town for work, it’s inconvenient to open the door for my guests.
Sometimes I just leave the key under the map, but I can’t stop thinking of the security issue. The Populife smart key box solved my long-time remote access problem. 
• Large Range of Application: I find Populife smart key box is suitable for home and office, rental property management, Airbnb short-term rental host. 
• Access Flexibility:  Now I don’t worry about that my door is forgotten to lock again while I leave home. I can open with access PIN code and Bluetooth key.
• Long Service Life: the smart key box is IP66 waterproof and 1-year battery time.

You can find them via their website or Amazon if you are interested in it.
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Orlando, FL

@Yue1 I use and love my Eufy.

Why?  Can you describe the locks capability and why you went with it.  Do you set it to the last 4 digits of the guests phone number?  Do you have to use an app to change the code with each guest?

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I highly recommend the Teeho Keyless Entry Doorlock systems with keypad smart deadbolt lock for Airbnb guests to enter.    They are very easy to install and allow guests to enter without the Host having to be on the property.  It has automatic locking capabilities to lock after guests exit too so it’s invaluable for a host’s peace of mind.  I highly recommend this method as it has up to 20 access entry codes that can be programmed which is great. 


Interesting.  So your handyman could have a code and your cleaner could have an access code dedicated to them.  For guests, do you go with the last 4 digits of their phone number?  Does the lock app pick this up from the reservation or you have to manually enter?

Hi Jean174,

I indeed use the last 4 digits of each individual guest’s phone number so it is unique to each guest and I enter it manually.  It’s a wonderful way to make the code easy for each guest to remember too.  My contractors have their own unique codes too so it’s not necessary for me to be on site when they provide services.

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Clarksville, TN

we use Smonet. Easy to install and can program remotely. Fairly cheap for what they do. 

We have been using Schlage key pads for years. They are easy to set up and easy to change codes and the battery lasts forever.  I think i would like to try going with one with a remote possibility next though.

That's what I have for my access gates - Schlage.  Schlage is such a work horse - 15,000 opens and they still work flawlessly.  The more mechanical you get, the less problems.

we use August smart lock

@Just-Beachy-LLC0 Can you tell me why you use August?  What pattern do you use to reset between guests?  Do you use for entry doors or gates? 

@Jean174 It allows you to set the time period for their stay. It’s on the front door . Each guests gets an invitation for their stay .

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I use Eufy

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I only go halfway.... i am afraid the lock will be smarter than me. NOT 2 difficult.....././. 🙂 ....LOL so i use the schlage lock that is manual... s lazy smart lock. you have to tell it what to do by pushing buttons. Keep a runny thread for the changes it stores 10 codes. Never have to worry about wifi.  LOL but seriously there's enough info on the dark we about me i don't wany to give access to my door codes....

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I Airbnb a 50s modern rancher built by architects Kenneth Wing and Richard Killingsworth in 1948, and I have not yet figuring out how to step away from keys and a lockbox.  I do have Ring, WEMO for lighting control, and ECHObee for temperature control.  

I can tell you the top 5 makers are, because I want to get there soon:

  1. August Home
  2. Schlage 
  3. Yale 
  4. Kwikset 
  5. Nest x Yale (a collaboration between Nest Labs and Yale)

I would go with August since they have a partnership with Airbnb.  It used to be that you had to have a separate August app on your phone to unlock, but now, with the Airbnb partnership, guests get the August code generated through  your Airbnb messaging, making it simple and easy for guests to get in.

Nest was first out of the gate years ago, but they burned many customers when they had to pre-order and wait for up to a year for the lock to show up.  So glad those days are gone, but points to the need for Smart locks.  

After this summer when my reservations pick up, I will find a tradesman who can install one of these solutions in my place. I can't wait to go with Smartlocks!