Smart lock recommendation

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Shenzhen, China

Smart lock recommendation

Hey guys, 

I was an Airbnb host and I want to share a smart key box that I get from Kickstarter. I often travel out of the town for work, it’s inconvenient to open the door for my guests.
Sometimes I just leave the key under the map, but I can’t stop thinking of the security issue. The Populife smart key box solved my long-time remote access problem. 
• Large Range of Application: I find Populife smart key box is suitable for home and office, rental property management, Airbnb short-term rental host. 
• Access Flexibility:  Now I don’t worry about that my door is forgotten to lock again while I leave home. I can open with access PIN code and Bluetooth key.
• Long Service Life: the smart key box is IP66 waterproof and 1-year battery time.

You can find them via their website or Amazon if you are interested in it.
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Charleston, SC

We use the Schlage Encode locks and love them!  Seamless entry and easy to use for everyone. We can change the codes when we're out of town. Now Airbnb and Schlage have worked together to help even more, where they send the entry codes to guests the day of check in.

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Shelby, NC

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Hornbill. It is definitely one of the cheapest options. It works great and you can open or lock the door from your phone from anywhere. One downside is the temporary/timed door codes are random numbers, are long and cannot be chosen by you. Other than that I haven't had any issues.

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Harvey Cedars, NJ

The Lockley offerings are amazing, my neighbor has one and I will soon too.  Like many others it offers both bluetooth & wifi, deadbolt or latch style... but its best feature is a flat weather resistant keypad AND numbers that are in a different place every time the screen is activated, preventing a pattern of wear or someone seeing the code that is entered by a guest.  It also offers fingerprint recognition (up to 99 prints) so owners and frequent vendors don't need a code at all.

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Rochester, NY

Over the past eight years, I've tried several smart locks /apps with numerous Airbnb properties. I hired Sublime Life Solutions to help evaluate and recommend all my Airbnb smart home needs for safety and ease of use. They do an excellent job and know all the latest tech updates.

For me, safety and ease of use are always top priorities. It's essential to set up unique codes for guests and contractors quickly, and these smart locks must have a long battery life. From my experience, these smart locks are all easy to use and reliable but have varying battery life. 


  1. Yale - most extended battery life. (Their lock designs look very modern. Most of the homes I manage are cottages and older homes - so aesthetically, I had to look into alternatives to fit the style).
  2. Kwikset - second place on battery life. 
  3. Schlage - shortest battery life.

I love my Yale locks. I am not very handy but I was able to install it pretty easily. 

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Los Angeles, CA

I use the Electronic lock by Haifuan. It takes 8 custom codes (it’s not on a network). I use two of them mostly. It’s not fancy but it works and it releases me from the tyranny of having to meet guests to give them a key which they then lose mostly. 

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Salt Lake City, UT

I recommend locks with the ability to lock and unlock without the need for a code.

(those locks are an upgrade, but worth it IMO)

I just bought my locks on Amazon.  They have the ability to generate a code or I let  my Guests at check in pick their code easier to remember  I don't understand how you would do with no code the code replaces the key  And I had my Security App already so I just added the new locks