Switching access from mechanical to digital lock? (Switzerland)

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Switching access from mechanical to digital lock? (Switzerland)

Hi all! I've been considering upgrading the security system in my rental apartments and I'm curious about your thoughts on digital locks. Have any of you made the switch? What has been your experience with them? Any pros and cons you'd be willing to share?

Thank you in advance.

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I home share but I upgraded my front door and bedroom locks.

No keys

If I am not home and a lock out happened  my locks are tied into my ADT Security app I can see someones pin change the pin or lock and unlock doors from my phone.

Also on my phone if needed the report tells me what door was locked or unlocked and whose code was used

My app I can set up access code to activate and delete a code based on reservativo dates.

Guests have given positive feedback about no key the looks feel more secure and they feel people are less likely to even attempt access because my phone alerts if the lock seensees a problem like a jam.

I use Schlage Encode it comes to your phone and it works with Airbnb app so if there is any issue like a lockout you can open it remotely. Its great. 


I upgraded to a Schlage wireless lock a couple of years back and really liked not having to deal with physical keys. It integrates well with my smart home, too. It gives me peace of mind knowing I can check who comes and goes from anywhere.

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