Welcome basket Ideas

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Welcome basket Ideas

Hello everyone . ... 

I started as a cleaner and  now have cleaners that work for me and I am Co-Hosting my first house. Its got a lot of pineapple decor. So once I started Co-Hosting the house I make fresh pineapple salsa in the cut open pineapple shell and add bags of chips to snack basket . I figure in summer I'll do pineapple frozen pops shaped like pineapples . Is that a little over board. I always go way overboard on everything. I cant help it . If anyone has suggestions on other types of things to do or other welcome ideas that are not pineapple please lmk. I love to bake and do art stuff . 

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Saludos bienvenida, que bonito se debe ver tu lugar con decoraciones tropicales. En nuestra canasta tenemos bolsas pequeñas de papitas y Doritos, snacks. Tenemos café y te. También ponemos algunas botellas de Agua. Nuestros clientes le encanta y nos han dado buenos reviews. 

Tomare en cuenta tus consejos. Gracias 

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Huskisson, Australia

@Jessica3390 great topic.

My thoughts are; do what you are comfortable with. I like your idea as it must be or represent where you live (unknown territory for me)


However  you need to know who your clients are and from and if they will appreciate it.


When I looked at the past topic written on the CC Forum in 2019 that

@Paula  mentioned as be a positive/ negative reviews from  other Hosts.


What I  think you have to take into consideration is; the time it takes and the cost. After a month or two you take a review and make an assessment is it appreciated and you can make changes.


I love your enthusiasm. I have designed our Hamper basket for our guests as most have travelled over 2 hours to arrive

Often after work on Fridays  travelling from another state not quite halfway or wanting coming from inland and wanting a stay at the beach.


It is with food a continental or cooked breakfast, as we have a kitchen in the cottage and they prepare it themselves and the cereals are individually packed for contamination. If food is left untouched or used it is assed and we use it ourselves (as we live on site) or it goes into compost.

I try to have no wastage and always looking at the cost.


As @Cheri354 mentions you have to be aware of your council rules and this also involves health and hygiene rules too.


If you fit into these criteria Go With It.

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Hello @Jessica3390, what a great topic you've brought to our community!


It's wonderful to see fellow Hosts coming forward with their advice. I'm sharing a thread here where other Hosts were discussing ideas about welcome baskets: https://community.withairbnb.com/t5/Advice-on-your-space/Welcome-guest-basket-ideas/m-p/481164


I also thought of tagging @Laurelle3who has shared some wonderful ideas for welcoming guests and might be interested in joining this conversation about welcome basket ideas


All the best.



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@Jessica3390 I have a small basket of mini jams (ordered from Amazon) and honey and then another basket of snacks like Bare brand fruit chips, crackers, candy, variety of mini cups of Pringles, and mini packets of Sahale brand nuts. Plus I leave individually wrapped chocolates (1 per guest) on their bedside table, along with an encouraging affirmation card/quote.

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Helena-West Helena, AR

@Jessica3390 Sounds like fun ! (I'm a pineapple fan, too)

Check with the city/town ordinances to see if serving food requires any additional certification, licensing or permits. Also, a lot of places now are charging a 'hamburger tax' through the city or advertising and planning commission. This tax is typically a percentage of what you charge for any housing and/or foods supplied/sold. They may require a business license, health certificate and filing of paperwork. Then quarterly 'taxes' for that will be due 🙂

* We are in the Midwest and South areas of the US and that's the current guidelines here. Other places may have similar or very different requirements. Also, in our area one can invite visitors/boarders to sup with you or you can offer food to them with no hassle as long as you aren't charging extra for the food 🙂 I think visitors would love the offer !

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@Jessica3390  A very nice thing to do for your guests.  However, be aware of the laws about providing food products to guests.  Wrapped commercial products are generally acceptable, whereas fresh products liked personally baked goods and the salsa you suggested may be in that grey area of foods that require a license.