When do we need to change the bed sheets?

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Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

When do we need to change the bed sheets?

Dear Hosts,

I'm new and beginner in AirBnB,happy to join all of you here at CC.


I'd like to ask you about hospitality concerning cleaning the house and changing the bed sheet and towel.

As it will be my first time to have a guest who stay than 4 days (they will stay for 9 nights), should i change  the bed sheet and towel during they stay?.

Is there any standard for it?.


Thank you for your attention, thank you also for sharing your experience.


Warmest Regards from France,


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I leave extra sets of sheets in the apartment as well as a generous number of towels. The guest can do what they like.

this is a private apartment.  If it were a single room in my house, I would change the sheets every week. Long term guests are on their own.....we are a vacation rental, not a hotel.

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When I have longer stay guests (more than 5 days), I let them know where I keep the extra linens if they feel the need to change the sheets. 


I think it depends on your own hosting approach. 

Some hosts here see it more like a business and hotel: stric check-in and outs, cleaning fees, extra charges for extra things etc. 
Some others, myself included, see it more like sharing a home with someone. So my check-in and out times are flexible, no cleaning fee, anything extra no charge etc. 

So in my case if it's a long-term stay (more than a week), I leave a separate set of linen which the guests may use if they would like to, but obviously they would have to change it by themsleves like they would do at home. I provide a bigger set of towels than for short stays and they can use the washing machine provided if they would like them clean. 

More "do-it-yourself" - lower prices. Just like IKEA hehe. So far everyone's been happy! 

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Just adding my thoughts too.  My washer and dryer are accessible and use of them is included with their stay.  Long term guests are definately expected to do their own laundry (which includes sheets and towels).  Short term (2-5 nights) I wait until they leave and do not change them in between.  There are enough towels anyway, and another set of sheets.  I do wash the comforter about every other or every third customer.   I think most travelers prefer privacy over a host going in and changing towels and sheets.  They are not staying in a hotel but they also don't want to feel like they are invading your space (if you're always going in there).

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I offer after 3 days, but guests usually say don't worry, the guests that stay over 10 days usually take up my offer on about day 5-6. So I would offer at least once a week if I was you. Saying this I live by a national park and all my guests come here for hiking and kayaking so a more sweat inducing stay.

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@Maya50:  I see you've gotten many responses, so you may not need my help.  But, just right now, we have our first Guests who are staying 9 days.  To honor their privacy (we rent out a total home, not just a room), and not feeling that it was appropriate for us to return to what was now their home, while they were staying there, to change the sheets, I left clean fresh sheets for each bed for them.  So, they could change them at 5 or 6 days, or never during their visit.  These 4 people may also run out of the many towels we have, so I advised that they could launder towels that they needed.  I feel it is more important to honor their privacy and respect their space during their visit, then to enter the home that is full of their belongings, to clean for them.  We may be housekeepers and house cleaners when there is no Guest, but not when people have taken possession of the home.  Good Luck, Lois

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What if these guests don't bother to change the sheets at all. The human body shed 1 million skin cells per day. When I have stayed in hotels it has never bothered me when the maid came in to change the bed.  My things have been around the room.  Only nine days and you think they will run out of towels. 

Maybe best to read the other post about bed bugs that will put the wind up you it did me.

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If you want to be nice, you can ask your guests and make the offer midway through their visit. Personally, I wouldn't offer to change sheets for a 9 day stay since most people dont need them changed for that length of time. If it was a 2 week stay I would ask if I felt like I had the time to change the sheets for them.