Earthquake in Syria and Turkey

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Stuttgart, Germany

Earthquake in Syria and Turkey

More than three million people in Germany have family roots in Turkey. Accordingly, there is great solidarity with those affected in the earthquake area.

Let's share here on the relief options:

  1. Post shelter at
  2. Donations in kind
  3. Monetary donations

What other possibilities do you know?
Do you know of any collection points for donations in kind in your immediate neighborhood?
Are you or any of your family members personally affected?

What else would you suggest we do?



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Ankara, Turkey

Thank you. It means a lot. Things are very chaotic here right now, as to be expected, to an extent. 

This is a massive disaster and people will be needing all kinds of help and support for many months, if not years. May be it is better to time the donations, trucks are dumping stuff on the side of the roads. Everything is sent in huge numbers but distribution is a problem, with such a huge area to operate in. Soon temp accommodations will be set up, and the survivors will need all the help you can give. 

If I were you, I would be cautious about who I donate to. There are a few dependable ngo's. I can provide names if you wish. will be pretty helpful too I am sure. Just please make sure to follow trusted organizations. 

Thank you for all your efforts, we will not forget...

On that note, a message from Airbnb, saying we are thinking about you people would have been nice!



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Châtillon-en-Dunois, France

Hello everyone, I was asked by till to share an idea that we have been practising in our community… Seeing we have covers, sheets etc that are clean but can’t be used in our  accommodations because they are stained… why not send them to turkey? Great to see there are initiatives around the world to help populations in need no matter where and who they are. 5 trucks full of clothing left my town (middle of France) today, more to come next week. All together, any drop of water we throw in the ocean can make a difference. Thanks for belonging! All the best to you and you volunteers till. 

Level 2
Ankara, Turkey

It is a brilliant idea Marielle. However,  I would double check, for now they are asking for everything to be new and not used. Reason: you can imagine how some people interpret this. There were summer dresses and sandals sent to people in -12C

I am ready to help, coordinate etc. Let me know if I can do anything.




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