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    Hello, I am Mahmut dahil, the communication officer at the Civil law association.We work as a humanitarian organization in south turkey. I need to ask you about the Earthquake support the Airbnb organization gives NGO staff in Turkey.I learned that your o... Latest reply by Mahmut16
    Would any owners be interested in possibly donating time for families who have lost everything in this storm??? My community is hurting! And it occurred to me to ask for your help. So many have lost their homes and have no where to go. I was hoping some o... Latest reply by Ryan3086
    In response to the catastrophic natural disaster in Türkiye and Syria, Airbnb.org is working with its trusted partners to provide free temporary housing to people who have been displaced by the recent earthquakes. Individuals interested in supporting... Latest reply by Artur588
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    The war in Ukraine continues, and dozens and hundreds of innocent people die every day. I am ready to tell and show everything that is happening both on the front line and in relatively quiet places. Would you be interested in it? Latest reply by Artur588
    More than three million people in Germany have family roots in Turkey. Accordingly, there is great solidarity with those affected in the earthquake area.Let's share here on the relief options:Post shelter at www.Airbnb.orgDonations in kindMonetary donatio... Latest reply by Arzu11
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    Greetings to all friends of our extended airbnb family! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all. This year has been difficult, but thanks to your support and faith in our victory, we are holding on. I have not written anything here for a long time, but ... Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0
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    I am not a host on Airbnb. I have a guest bedroom.If the hurricane makes housing hard to find, I would definitely rent my guest room out at the going rate.I would just vacuum and change the sheets. Voila. Does Airbnb have any sign up sheet for that?For p... Latest reply by Sybe