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    Hello,I am trying to set up some rooms for airbnb.org for refugees. I have set all the settings for the space available through airbnb.org and now it takes me to airbnb.com and asks me to set my calendar and pricing. I don't want to list the space for peo... Latest reply by Stephanie
    Hi, I am an Edinburgh host, happy to use my property to host refugees. Through the Ukranian Community Centre, I have been contacted by a lady who needs accomodation for her parents, both in their sixties, who have fled the war. I am happy to make my prope... Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0
    Hi everyone, I want to share a sincere thank you to our Host community. While I am not surprised by your acts of kindness and generosity, I am truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we are seeing from Hosts around the world as it relates to t... Latest reply by Cora29
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    Hello. There is a war in my Ukraine. You can save lives, no matter where in the world you are. Protect freedom & peace in our fight against Russian aggression! **[Sensitive information removed in line with - Community Center Guidelines] Latest reply by Lesya36
    Hi everyone, We have created a dedicated space in our Community Centre for Airbnb.org. How Airbnb.org was establishedIn 2012, a Host reached out to Airbnb asking if she could offer her place for free to people who had to evacuate New York City wh...
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