August Round-up

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August Round-up

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Hi everyone,


Another month has gone by and while some of us were having our summer break, regardless if we were lucky enough to travel or just enjoying our free time, the community was vibrant as always. 


Following @Liv 's tradition, I'm gathering just a few of the many interesting discussions we had in August


  • First and foremost, we welcomed our new Global Head of Hosting, Catherine to the CC and she began a new series of Host Updates.


  • @Quincy  asked community members what they've learned from their first post-lockdown guest, and many were quick to share useful information that others could follow. 


  • @Lea130, a member of the French-speaking community, was kind enough to take us on a virtual trip to Papeete, in Tahiti. 


  • @Laura2592 wanted to know what it is that other hosts are looking for when booking Airbnbs as guests, and it was nice to read what other members of the CC value when travelling. 


  • Last but not least, I would like to have a shout-out to @Robin4 and take this opportunity to send him our warmest birthday wishes once more! Here's to many more happy years to come! 


In the last month, more than 8000 topics were created! Which ones did you find most helpful?




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Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

I found this topic most informing ( started by @Lawrene0  ) , about the first question guests has to answer when reviewing a stay:

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