Celebrating 5 million Hosts on Airbnb

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Celebrating 5 million Hosts on Airbnb

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We now have over 5 million Hosts on Airbnb. Since Airbnb began, we’ve welcomed a community of Hosts like you who bring their unique style to hospitality.


Here are a few facts about these amazing Hosts:

  • Countries with the most Hosts include the U.S., France, Brazil, Italy, the U.K., and Spain. Nearly 85% of Hosts are located outside of the U.S.
  • Over half of Hosts identify as women and more than one in three are over the age of 50.
  • Hosts have collectively earned $250 billion since Airbnb was founded.
  • Hosts get creative with their listings, sharing igloos, treehouses, houseboats, yurts, and campers. Over 2,500 Hosts have listed castles as of December 2023, and there are more than 160,000 listings in the Vineyards category as of September 2023.
  • Hosts have had more than 1.5 billion guest check-ins collectively, welcoming guests from over 200 countries and regions.

We’re grateful for your dedication and commitment to providing exceptional hospitality. We remain as committed as ever to listening to you and improving your experience on Airbnb. We’ll continue to introduce new features and upgrades that make it even easier to host on the Airbnb platform. 


Head to the Newsroom to read the original post about this milestone. 


All data points are based on internal Airbnb data as of December 31, 2023. 

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Level 2
Lima District, Peru

👍 congratulations !! Keep going !!

Level 10
Canary Islands, Spain

🙂 Thank you Guests, Hosts and the Airbnb Team.  You have made our little slice of paradise affordable for us as hosts and we try to at least return some of these savings to our guests and greater community area.  Your promise of Air Cover and the overall support when issues arise, especially when we are classified as Superhosts, has been exceptional.  The next level of support, we ask for in our humble opinion, is Airbnb negotiate for a simple flat tax rate with our respective National, Regional and Local governments.  This would give us all a level playing field.  We ask, using the example of Spain, because a host in Spain faces a tax bill of between 0 - 42% on their gross earnings depending on their status as a resident and their local, regional and national government taxing, licencing and classification of hosts as a company or individual etc.  If Airbnb collected even 1% on every booking (as is possible for the charity) and remitted this direct on behalf of us to keep us all legal we would be grateful.  Next, we would ask for affordable home improvement loans, for hosts who have demonstrated years of service.  Loans including for safety (fire, threat etc), green (water, wind, solar) and / especially handicapped / care animal accessible.  Thank you.  We are not getting rich in terms of finance for what we do hosting we are however getting rich in experiences and are grateful for all of your assistance with this.  Thank you 🙂

Level 10
Zagreb, Croatia

woooow! incredible number! I'm glad I was one of the first hosts in my town 🙂

Level 10
England, United Kingdom

@Airbnb It is remarkable that Airbnb is so US centric and yet 85% of hosts are from outside the USA. Why is this?