Clarification on essential amenities: Hosts can choose

Clarification on essential amenities: Hosts can choose

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Earlier this year, we announced that hosts will soon be required to provide a specific set of amenities in each listing that we consider “essential” to a comfortable stay.


Since then, we heard it was impacting some hosts’ ability to host successfully. So now, we’re giving you the choice.


You can choose whether or not to include the essential amenities in your listing. Having said that, we strongly encourage hosts to include them. Guests come from regions all over the world, and many tell us is that these five items are the minimum that they expect to find in a listing.


The five essential amenities include:

Toilet paper

Soap (for hands and body)

1 towel per guest

1 pillow per guest

Linens for each guest bed


We’re currently exploring the best way to keep guests informed about which amenities are provided in each listing so that accurate expectations are set.


Please, only select the Essentials option if you really are providing those items in the listing. Keeping listings as accurate as possible is a really important part of building trust with guests and setting you up for success as a host.


Listings that have Essentials selected but don’t actually provide the five items listed may be subject to penalties, including removal from Airbnb. 


Read this Help Center article for more details on essential amenities.


Thanks for being a part of the Airbnb community and for everything that you do to provide great guest experiences!


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HKI, Finland

Many hosts are referring to "local culture", but this is not the way Airbnb works. Airbnb is global and people book from around the world, they don't know your culture and can't be expected to fly internationally with bedsheets and towels. Talking about local culture seems like a failure in understanding a customer perspective. I suggest if you're not providing hygienic amenities, don't accept other than regional bookings. Airbnb could do more towards this to make it easier for the hosts as well.


What is the guest supposed to do when they arrive and these are missing? Sleep without sheets? This will certainly lead to bed bugs and worse problems over time.

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