Revamped ratings and reviews

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Revamped ratings and reviews



Guests rely on ratings and reviews to understand the quality of a home before they book. But guests have told us that it’s been too hard to find reviews that are relevant to them.


That’s why we’ve redesigned the ratings page and added three new features that make reviews easier to read and much more helpful. These upgrades to ratings and reviews are part of the Airbnb 2023 Winter Release. Head to the Resource Center to get the details about review sorting, ratings distribution, and reviewer and trip details. 

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@Breanna my thoughts are people are too busy and the review is the last thing they want to do.


 If they have children and they are harressed with travel   packing, parents are tired. having to go straight to work the next day the holiday break has meant more effort to pack unpack going there and on return trip. The weather was not sunny or too hot or too cold or raining. These  can all affect there 



That is one reason I make the child feel important as a guest and leave them a gift and an activity. My rationale is to plant a  in the parents mind.


For adult guests it is the gift hamper that is supplied not advertised to also plant another positive in their minds. 


Today everything costs extra money nothing is free.

This is may way of sharing our appreciation and friendship for there stay. This we can do because we live on site

Yes, it costs me time thought and money but we have planned this and into our costing. However  we aim to make our guests welcome with a personel touch.


But sometimes we are penalised too with reviews and it makes you think what more can you do. I put on the psychologists hat on and put them into the basket of

1. Their personality and their own thoughts of self well being

2. Are they a negitive person and never happy.

3. Do they really want a break or pleasing others.

4. Can they really afford the accommodation and they feel guilty.


You can never please everyone  beware of the Red Flag and we have to move on.

But I do feel their is more Airbnb can do for the Host. It appears from reading articles on this CC Forum that Airbnb listens to Guests more than Hosts.


Breanna have a great day from Downunder.