[US] Snow and ice safety risks for natural gas meters

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[US] Snow and ice safety risks for natural gas meters



With significant snowfall in many areas, it’s important to make sure a home’s natural gas meter remains free of snow and ice. Ice and snow can damage the meter or service connections, potentially resulting in a gas leak.


Here are tips to prevent a dangerous situation from the U.S. National Fire Protection Association:


  • Use a broom instead of a shovel to clear ice and snow from the gas meter.  
  • Don't kick or hit the gas meter to remove ice and snow.
  • When using a snow blower, be sure to direct snow away from the gas meter.
  • Clear a path to the gas meter in case an emergency responder needs access.
  • If a meter is encased with ice and you can’t remove it, notify your natural gas company immediately. 

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Sandwich, MA

Excellent post @Quincy .

If I may, I'd like to add...I noticed rust on my meter and the attached pipe last spring. I was prepared to stop by the hardware store to pick up a can of matching spray paint (a boring gray). Fortunately, something made me call the gas company to ask for permission first.

They said "No! #1 Rust can be a sign of a gas leak. (They sent out a technician within the hour.)

#2 Painting over any equipment owned by a utility company (gas, electricity, water)  could invalidate your insurance coverage."

The technician arrived promptly, found no evidence of a leak, removed the rust and spray painted the equipment (free of charge).  It looks as good as new!

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