Add Sound of the river in the listing

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Knoxville, TN

Add Sound of the river in the listing

We have several properties on the river which get beautiful sound of the rivers we would like our potential guests to experience that   how do we add sound file becouse video/s are not allowed on the listing 

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Bristol, United Kingdom

You can't @Mountain-View5 

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Takoma Park, MD

@Mountain-View5  Oh, please. Don't you think it's obvious that if the property is on a river, that the guests  can assume they'll hear the sounds of the river? 

People know what rivers sound like. 

Suppose you could put that in your listing, and then a guest comes during low water when there are no sounds, or diminished  sounds, and the guest complains that you promised river sounds and there are none. What then? Missing amenity? 


I think you may be overthinking your marketing. I'm not going to click on a sound file in your listing. 

What next, nature sounds? Traffic sounds? Shower sounds? 

Thank you for your feedback!

@Mountain-View5  When creeping my competition there was a listing that had a video.  There wasn't  a live link in the Airbnb description however all you had to do was copy and paste the link into a browser and there it was.  


Maybe you could do the same with an audio file.