It says entire home in Nusa Pendia and should say entire home in Nusa Lembongan how do i change this

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Hi @Susan3489 

Was there an error in entering the legal address of the property when setting up the listing?  If so, the only way to correct that after the listing is published is to contact CS. Some Hosts who live in rural areas (or in your case, an island) have a mailing address in a nearby town, but not for their physical location. In these cases, the Hosts have gone to GoogleMaps and collected the GPS coordinates of their actual property. They take screen shots of GoogleMaps or GoogleEarth and forward the screen shots and GPS coordinates to Airbnb in order to get the address changed.


Be prepared for an uphill battle, but it can be done. The reason Airbnb is so strict on this is to prevent unscrupulous hosts from creating a listing with one address (perhaps to circumvent some local STR laws or HOA restrictions) and then directing guests to a different address (fraud).


Let us know here if you are able to get this corrected, as it might help other Hosts. 

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Hello @Susan3489,


I am reaching out to our wonderful Host @Joan2709  to see if she can offer any insights on how to update the address from Nusa Pendia to Nusa Lembongan.


Alternatively, if the listing address is being automatically set by the system, then the best option would be to contact the support team for their advice. Here is the link where you can do that:


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